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  1. I would like to see us to move more in line with other modern, progressive European countries who are closer to the socialist (lowercase "s") end of the pool than the capitalist side. I would like to see a form of government sponsored basic universal healthcare but not Obamacare. Privatization by utilizing for-profit insurance companies was not the answer. I also believe privatizing education and the prison systems are also errors. I am not naive to the inefficiency of government, but at least the premise of government run services is supposed to have the goal of providing services to its citizens rather than the primary goal of making a profit. Instead of privatization of government services the effort should be placed on making the government run more efficiently. What is profitable financially may not be morally ethical. I find it interesting that most people who rally against big government also many times are the same ones who want the government to micromanage other things such as our sex lives. These same people also demand any and all government benefits they feel they are entitled to receive. They want subsidies, write offs, and loopholes as long as they only benefit the upper classes. Another issue I have is the lack of the perpetuation of basic moral values irrespective of a specific religion. It used to be that even television shows such as The Brady Bunch or Gilligan's Island reinforced positive social norms, basic things such as considering the feelings of others or that stealing is wrong. I also think a major problem is a lack of discipline in the upbringing of our children, up to and including the use of corporal punishment. Manners and respect have fallen by the wayside. I believe we should maintain a strong military, but with the goal of never having to use it. Diplomacy over bluster. I am liberal on the immigration issue. I am for tolerance but abhor political correctness. Actions are more important than the words we use. For example gays slurs do not bother me, but attempting to undo the legalization of gay marriage would. I am for equality but against the concept of "protected" classes and the concept of "hate crimes." If someone murders someone who is gay, then prosecute him for the murder itself, not for what his beliefs about homosexuality are. These are just a few of my thought. For the record, I am a 47 year old gay white male. I am a White Witch or Wizard and a Pagan who honors a Welsh pantheon. My family is culturally Southern and rural. Although all of my grandparents were registered Democrats originally from south Georgia, my father's generation have mostly converted to Republican in the 1980's believing that Republicans represented Christian values. I myself am a Democrat, but I will vote across party lines. Bendithion, Gwynn
  2. Hi Jonathan, Yes quite a difference between the third eye and the physical ones Bendithion, Gwynn
  3. Hi Gnostic Bishop, Good point. She did tend to use the feminine pronouns for God in context of her practice of Gnostic Christianity, but she used standard male pronouns when speaking in general to the public at large. Bendithion, Gwynn
  4. I agree with you about the oppression of women. This low status of women was a result of Christianity taking over in Europe. In the ancient Celtic world women had equal status. They could rule over tribes or provinces, become warriors or priestesses, and own personal property. I feel this was a reflection of the Celtic religion which taught of Goddesses who were equal or sometimes superior to the male Gods. Unfortunately spells are really only a type of prayer. Just as prayers are not always answered, spells are not always successful. There are other factors involved whether you call them Fate, Wyrd, Karma, Cosmic Order, or Natural Law. Free will is also a factor. For those who believe in a God or Gods, the psychic Sylvia Browne (who BTW started a religious group based on her concept of Gnostic Christianity) used to say, "God always answers your prayers. Sometimes he says no." Bendithion (Blessings), Gwynn
  5. My, how time flies I have stopped using an English approximation in tandem with my title of Dyn Hysbys. I have come to realize that sometimes I like to identify with the term wizard while at others I feel more like a "white witch." Cunning man is appropriate too at times. Since all three descriptions can equally apply to Dyn Hysbys, I will use that title alone and not limit my choices. So when I say Dyn Hysbys instead of A,B, or C people can just check D (all of the above)
  6. I still prefer the triskele as my primary symbol, and I do believe it was more likely that the pentagram was brought into Wicca from Ceremonial magic. But there is proof that the Celts did indeed use the pentagram in ancient / pre-Christian times. Celtic coin, Cantii tribe, Dubnovellaunus, (c.25 BC-AD 5), gold Quarter Stater I know that saying the pentagram is not Celtic has been a mantra used against Wiccans by other Pagan groups, but apparently ancient Celts did use it. Whether they spontaneously came up with the five pointed symbol, inherited it from their preceding Indo-European mother culture, adopted it from Pythagorean Greeks in Celtic areas, or appropriated it from Near Eastern peoples is a matter of discussion. But they definitely were aware of it and used it themselves Now I can proudly wear a pentagram ring along with my triskele pendant Actually my path is eclectic because the authentic practices of actual cunning folk in premodern Wales were eclectic so I would wear a pentagram anyway
  7. And in the Celtic world, the trio of war Goddesses Badb Catha, Macha (sometimes Nemhain), and the Morrigu were major figures. In non-Abrahamic faiths there are many instances of war Goddesses playing a prominent role in the religion
  8. I wholeheartedly agree
  9. Hi Cuchulain, I understand your point. My interactions are more like a voluntary suspension of disbelief than a headlong trip down the rabbit hole. I do not expect the Fair Folk to clean my kitchen and wash my dishes. Demons do not make my walls bleed, nor have I caught angels dancing on the head of a pin. When my car breaks down I go to a mechanic rather than invoking Govannon the Smith God to fix it for me. I live in the real world, but I do have a castle in Annwvyn/The Otherworld
  10. Gnostic Christianity has its Monad, Demiurge, Archons, Aeons, and a Goddess (Sophia, a personification of wisdom and female aeon/counterpart of Christ ). These aspects are every bit as supernatural as those found in other belief systems. Early Gnostic Christians were notorious for practicing magic and fashioning charms, examples of which still exist
  11. I am afraid many go about with their personal religious blinders on and do not see things with their eyes wide open as you do. Their religious devotion has caused them to lose their objectivity
  12. As a Polytheist, I interact with the Gods as I would a friend, lover, or family member depending on my relationship with a specific God. But it is not necessary for someone to have a God in his or her life. My ancestors would make war upon the Gods when they were at odds with them. I find comfort in my relationship with the Gods, but I make decisions for myself. Sometimes I feel they are trying to tell me something, but I weigh their message against my own thoughts. Ultimately, I am always responsible for myself. Neither the Devil (who is not a part of my belief system anyway) nor the Gods make me do anything I don't want to do. I also interact with angels, demons, faeries, and other spirits, but again I follow my own counsel. As you suggested, I think the various ideas about God do owe much to their respective cultural frameworks, whether speaking of ancient or modern cultures BTW, I realize that speaking of my interaction with Gods, angels, demons, and faeries may put off some people, but I do not require others to endorse my beliefs in the supernatural for me to treat them with respect or for them to be my friends. My way is the path I have chosen, but I do not believe it is the only valid path. I feel that when a person believes his or her way is the only way it can lead to intolerance or self aggrandizement. I would ask that before others mock my beliefs that they would consider the more fantastical aspects of their own belief systems
  13. I honor the Old Gods, call myself a Welsh Pagan (but not Wiccan). I even got a ULC special title of "Pagan Minister." I work primarily with a male God, but as a Polytheist I acknowledge and honor the role of the Goddesses as well. We are still here in myriad forms (Pagans, Heathens, Wiccans, etc,), and in many ways consider Christianity the "new kid on the block" since we look back to the beliefs of our ancestors before Christ. The Old Gods are still here (look at the days of the week on a calendar), and as you have said the Pagans will never go away despite the best attempts of some other religions (not mentioning any names ) to wipe us out. Thanks for the "shout out."
  14. Hi Mark, True enough. It's just that I don't intend to mislead people, and some people (elsewhere, not here) were upset to find they had been talking to a gay male instead of a female. I prefer to avoid such misunderstandings if possible. I was not attempting to "catfish" anyone, and there was nothing sexual involved in any conversations. But I agree with you about not sweating the small stuff, although it seemed a big deal to others Imagine the horror of someone finding out he had been engaging in a bit of (social) intercourse with a gay male