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  1. Doctrinally, I don't think it is a change of course, but I would agree that it's a very welcome change of emphasis.

  2. Lighthearted my ass. That was a personal attack an you know it.
  3. That's why it's called "faith" rather than "fact."
  4. Got it in one! That was one of my favorite of his movies and characters. The movie was called "Bicentenial Man"
  5. You're trying to change the goalpost. I decline to address that attempt other than to call it out.
  6. Emphasis mine, and statement in italic added Faulty supposition: "If this were true, medical science would not exist." Science is based on, essentially, one question: "Why is that?" Medical science exists to learn, among other things, why and how disease processes work and how to make them stop causing disease to return the body to health. (Did that come out clearly?) The only way to determine which treatments helped your uncle physically recover would be to take samples of the cancer tissue and apply one treatment to each of them, and then take one additional sample and apply no treatment. This is science.
  7. Granted, but I don't know of another Guido Sarducci. 🤣
  8. Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies. Moving the Goalpost. I am both a man of faith (Buddhist, Hekatean, Druid) and a man of science. I do believe, but not in "your" (monotheistic) manner. I also do not try to convince others to believe the same way that I do, unlike many Christians. In order for me to "start believing" based on someone else's word, they would have to provide me with some sort of verifiable evidence that their deity exists. Given verifiable fact (see further: prove) that the Christian God exists, it would no longer be a matter of faith. Would it shake my world view? Definitely. But then again, consider Galileo. He was convicted of heresy for his suggestion that the Earth is not the center of the universe. He provided verifiable evidence that the Christian/Catholic doctrine was incorrect and he was cast out for it. Correlation does not imply causation. See also: Spurious Correlations. Not knowing you or your uncle, I'll concede that he had cancer, it got better, and he prayed to God. To your question about "what is this evidence of?" the answer is "nothing" The fact that his cancer got better is only fact that his cancer got better. That's it. One is glad to be of service. I appreciate you taking the time to review the links that I provide. Come now, you have been alive long enough to know that life isn't fair! I try to provide factual and provable statements that support my suppositions. I hope and encourage other people to do the same. When I do things like this, though, I am often accused of being unfair. Evidence ≠ fact (def. 1) in oh, so many cases
  9. Some of them (many? I don't know) don't even use critical thinking in the least. For example, I saw one a few days ago say that the rest of the planets are definitely spherical because we can directly observe them through telescopes, yet the Earth is obviously flat because of personal observation... ? SYNTAX ERROR ?
  10. Pardon the expression, but... Jesus wept. Why in the world were they talking about choosing a religion in the first place?!?!?! I spend a lot of time on Quora, and I follow a number of people who happen to be Atheists. Just the other day, I saw one of them respond to some question about "why do atheists do/not do" something. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it's not germane. Anyway, this guy said something about how he and his family *do* go to some church or another. What struck me is that he said something about how he understands the benefit of community membership, even if he does not ascribe to the dogma or faith even though he sits through the sermon every Sunday.
  11. See, that's one of my favorite things about Buddhism: There is no god that you have to appease. There are saints, sort of, technically, but they are neither holy nor divine, except in that they have attained enlightenment on some level and the only holiness that they have comes from their teachings and actions. In Buddhism, there is no threat of punishment if you break the rules. Just as rain falls and the sun rises, so are the consequences of what you do. This is karma. "You break it, you bought it."
  12. I'm not talking about changing a worldview. I'm talking about whether someone is able to rationally and unemotionally evaluate information on it's own merits. Skills that are sorely lacking in our society these days.