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  1. I'm in the process of reading his Universal Life in the 21st Century right now and I can only say that more than a few ULC ministers these days would call him a heretic and are about as far from his vision as can be. He was not well educated, and that comes through in this book, though he was a leader (though unrecognized) in the realm of spiritual evolution... And more than a few ministers of the ULC probably don't even realize it.
  2. Gospel and Reincarnation

    In my worldview, the animating element and self awarenesssl is the part that defines what is still "you". So, while the toe in question was part of you while it eas attached, once is was removed, it is no longer "part" of you but it is still "yours". Does that make sense? Definitiins: yep! In order to have any productive discourse, all parties need to have a common starting point. Metaphysically speaking what you have said is precisely what i was trying to convey, though with mugh distraction on my end (training on my new job this week). The physical parts that make up "you" only make it you when taken as a whole. Change any of the essebtial components and the physical "you" is different. The same goes for the "soul" and personality. Nithing is constant and unchanging. Eveeyrhing depends on thia very moment and could reasonably be vert different in the next moment.
  3. I have gotten several notifications that “somebody likes your post on...” but I don’t see any indication of who it could be or any flag on the post. is this working as expected?
  4. Gospel and Reincarnation

    The you that you are now (kind meta, don't you agree?) is no longer the you that you were when you had all 10 toes. Also, the toe that you lost to illness is no longer part of you, so it is NOT you. Does that make sense?
  5. Hello

    Welcome to the club! I like the Weddings, Funerals, and Rites of Passage book for starting points to use to build my own ceremonies. I just ordered the More... book as well. I did the Chaplaincy program a couple of years ago, and found it to be useful, but very basic. There are a lot of places where I wanted more information, but then again, I'm something of an information whore.
  6. I am grateful to Hekate for opening the door to new employment for me. She has allowed me to find a job that is something of a dream come true and is in my field. I start training today in a couple of hours, and I am so excited that I'm about to bounce out of my skin. Io Hekate!
  7. In some Pagan circles, this is currently known as "Unverified Personal Gnosis" or UPG. There is some debate around the Pagan world about how legitimate UPG might be, but in my experience, it is no different than when "God speaks to me!" in Christian circles. In neither case can the knowledge gained be "proven" in the larger context, but it is no less legitimate FOR THE INDIVIDUAL than accepted doctrine. At least, that's my tuppence!
  8. Gospel and Reincarnation

    That is how I conceive of it, myself. Tibetan Buddhists conceive of some sort of ghost or soul that leaves the body at the moment of death, and, to my understanding, that entity sticks around in a sort of afterlife between this life and the next, called Bardo (Wikipedia again, as a jumping off point). This is outlined in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. However, once the spirit enters into the next life, regardless of what realm it is reborn into (paragraph 8), depending on the state of the being's karma, the only essence that remains is the karma. Intellect, memory, morality, etc, are all things that are tied to the present life and do not transfer to the next one. So, the essential "You" is a one-shot deal in my worldview. It's like taking a cup of coffee and dumping it into a swimming pool. The coffee is still technically there, but it is functionally gone and no longer useful as coffee. Does that analogy make sense?
  9. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Shalom, rabbi! There are times when someone is too entrenched in their own point of view to consider that there are other ways to see things. I, too, see my role as something of a mentor in general terms, and try to use what Buddhist call upaya or "skillful means" in order to advise people or offer them a different way to think about things, since I see that is the best way to meet them where they are, rather than where I am. Sometimes, though, there are people who refuse to accept the possibility that their way is not the only way. My beloved wife has said for decades that "God is the ultimate marketing genius" in that she views all peaceful religious practice to be leading to the same end, be it Christian Heaven, Islamic Jannah or the Jewish Shamayim. As a Buddhist, I'm not sure that entering Nirvana is quite equivalent, but it is similar in concept. Also, speaking from a Buddhist perspective, it is not uncommon for great discomfort being necessary for growth and change. Speaking as an emergency manager, I see a lot of "Terror Management Theory" (I know, I generally dislike using Wikipedia as a reference, but in this case, it is an excellent jumping off point) being a significant part of some interfaith dialogue, particularly among conservatives of whatever branch.
  10. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Granted and agreed. Tact and civility are sorely missing in modern America. I'm not sure about the rest of the world, since I don't have much interaction with other countries' citizens. Rudeness is gross. However, being blunt is not (necessarily) the same as being rude. As my sainted mother often says, "You can disagree without being disagreeable." I'd like to add that sometimes you need to be very blunt and plain to help someone who wants to understand. That's not rudeness.
  11. Gospel and Reincarnation

    This is particularly problematical from a Buddhist perspective. Per the Buddhadarma, there is no essential "I" but only a conglomeration of dependent conditions. So, there was never really any "I" to begin with! Only a flawed perception.
  12. Sufficiency of Scripture

    Hipsterish irony asside, the world would be much easier if people would speak directly, rather than hiding in euphemism, weasel words, and couched references. Many people do not understand how to deal with someone who speaks plainly and directly.
  13. Sufficiency of Scripture

    I came to the same conclusion and I have learned how the "block/ignore" function works here.
  14. hello all

    Welcome to the board, JP! I finished the Master of Chaplaincy studies a couple of years ago. I found that it left me thirsty for more knowledge, but served as a wonderful intellectual appetizer for the various aspects of Chaplaincy work. I look forward to seeing you around!