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  1. "That's *Hedley*"
  2. So, from my exalted throne on Mount Adminpus, I gaze down upon you mortals, and I'm pleased, but puzzled. (end joking) I'm curious. Many of you know that I've been admin here for almost 5 years. In that time we've gone from ~600 members to almost 7000. Obviously, many of our members don't return, or have found other interests, or whatever. But, we do have a suprisingly large contingent, at least to me, of people who have made this their "home" forum of choice. Why is that? What keeps you coming back? Why ya'll like it here?
  3. well, someone had to do it!
  4. that isn't much help, tho. Moral? Okay. I like definitions 1 and 7 on that last one...If the drafted one agrees, we can shoot for that.
  5. probably chocolate. my poor teeth can't handle that much peanut brittle
  6. One thing I learned in my travels. Cake. It's a lie. I'm not really sure why this is, but lots of people tell me this to be true.
  7. back to topic, I do plan on living forever. So far, so good.
  8. Connor can kick Duncan's butt any day of the week and twice on Sunday. and don't give me that crap about Duncan killin Connor, it was at Connor's request.
  9. had to WHAT? You know, it's against the forum rules for obsce... oh wait....n/m. Happy Birthday.
  10. I have a CD set up for that occasion. Most of it is from Queen's "It's a Kind of Magic" CD. "Who wants to live forever?" "Princes of the Universe" etc.
  11. well, the momma electron and the poppa electron meet, and they fall in love. they spend several weeks trying to hide from momma electron's poppa, cuz he don't like poppa electron none, and carries a shotgun. oh, wait..n/m
  12. that's how I keep the masses guessin.
  13. thanks guys. I gotta say, I'm pretty surprised that I haven't been yelled at for my opinions yet.
  14. Someone beat me to Liz Hurley. dammit. *sniffle* (No, Samuron, not you. I meant...generally...cuz...dayam..)
  15. And at the very extreme risk of people think I'm trying to shut down conversation, I'm going to close this thread. Mistakes were made on many sides here, and I think further beating things down is just detrimental to the forum as a whole. Not to bring privacy issues into light here, but Phil and I had a very long talk yesterday about what had happened. Mistakes were made on both sides of the field, and it was by random chance that things went the way they did. It could have just as easily been blown off. let's not continue this. Please?
  16. He won't answer. He asked me to delete his account this morning.
  17. thank you, thank you. I'm glad it amused, but I cannot take credit for the poem. I can't write very well, personally..ask anyone**. And yeah, Claire, I screwed with the line breaks. It was pretty much as you had posted it, actually. I thought it'd be better in paragraphs, cuz I'm that kinda guy. **Hush, Theresa.