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    Looking for the one. (Still haven't found her yet.)
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    Spring Valley, California 91977

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    I love the Final Fantasy Games and Anime.<br>I like to wright FanFictions on Anime movies.<br>I’m currently looking into joining the Army.<br>I like Country music, Classic Rock and J-Pop (Japanese pop music.)
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    Free thinker. Leaning towards Christian

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    Albertsons Employe (Soon to be U.S Army as of Sep. 1 04)
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  1. Hey guys been a long time thought id drop you a line and let you all know of our newest addition to the Hunt Family. My son Zachary was born at 4:34 am on Sunday December 30th 2007. 6lbs 15oz 20 1/2in long. Healthy!! I'll try and upload a photo but i don't know if it will work.