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  1. "How to build a boat using a coconut and some string" "Survival for Dummies" "What do to when there's nothing to do." and probably some kind of plant and insect book so I know what I can eat and what will hurt me badly.
  2. well, I wouldn't say it's all about me. Let's just say that over the years, I've been trained well. There's ALWAYS an other. no matter what the subject.
  3. No. *I* put other in as an option. There's ALWAYS an "other"
  4. boy, that one fix seemed to have fixed all the lil problems. anyone else have issues with the forum software? (please start a new topic) Closing the tech support ticket..
  5. yes, doggie, ty for testing the color feature.
  6. eh, I should be used to it by now.
  7. had to do with an old bbcode setting and img code DO workie. yay.
  8. think I fixed that. Gender USED to be a custom setting. It's a new setting in this version, so they had it twice, but the one they added wasn't set to be changable. Deleted the older setting.
  9. Can someone with IE8....well...everyone...try to use the bold, italics, underline options now? Theoretically, fixed. Will have to wait until I get home to check..
  10. this thread has been passed on to tech support. be nice to them. also issues
  11. To anyone having this issue: Need to know what browser you are using, when you have this issue. ironically, on my work computer (IE6) it works just fine...but on my home computer (IE7) it doesn't work. Maybe I'm usin 8 at home. hmm.
  12. still waiting to hear from tech support.
  13. are you still getting that pop up warning?
  14. removed the option to allow users to use Gravatars. Appears to have removed the gravatar setting for the thread in question.
  15. would you be willing to narrow that big thing down to where I can see what sites the links are redirecting to? which user? that looks like an entire thread. ah. okay, I see now. Yes. Gravatars is a site that ...basically, they are universal avatars. you can put that in, and it will show the same avatar at all sites.
  16. no, she's there. thinking there's a javascript issue goin on, cuz it wouldn't let me make her clicky. also, can't open the emoticons box on here. that's the problem with the fast reply issues. ticket open.
  17. okay. tech support ticket opened for this issue.
  18. I think these issues actually related, as they don't appear on the main invision site. I'm wondering if they missed a couple files when they upgraded us. workin on it...
  19. Now that everyone has had a few days to get used to the new forum software, I decided to create a new forum to help with some issues that have appeared to be cropping up. Please, one issue, one topic. If I have to go thru one topic to fix several issues, that's liable to get extremely confusing. Post the problem, and I'll see if I can help. If I can't, I'll make invision help. Thanks.
  20. I'm in yer profile commenting on you.

  21. mm. yes. blue ones. so everyone matches.