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  1. You may have slight problems recruiting for your cause. We have several wiccans on the forum here. We don't try to convert to other religious beliefs here. We believe in religious tolerance. We have buddists, wiccans, christians, jewish people, atheists, and crazy people (looking at you, Tsukino_Rei) all on the forum.
  2. HOWARD be thy name. hellooooooooooooo?
  3. that's for THIS SITE. is for the main ULC Headquarters. Do NOT go to the website "" that's the Monastery wanna-be on the cool bus website
  4. Hello! "sotik has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello? "

  5. I like a good "can haz" as much as the next person...but...why?!
  6. I haven't seen that in years love it.
  7. The Universal Life Church is able to provide letters of good standing, and other similar documents which may be required to register with your state in order to officiate marriage. The requirements for each state are different, and the staff at ULC Headquarters is aware of what is required in each state. Because there is no charge for this service, the church is unable to provide such letters for those who don't need them for registration. It is a very labor-intensive job, as each letter must be meticulously prepared according to requirements that vary widely for each state. If your state does require such registration, contact the ULC International Headquarters office in Modesto with your request. Please make every effort to do this well in advance of the marriage date so as to avoid disappointment. Contact information for ULC International Headquarters is provided at the end of this message. The church does not charge for this service, in order to allow everyone to fully participate at a ULC minister without cost. Any voluntary donations you choose to make to help with the cost of providing this service will be sincerely appreciated. Also, please note that a few states require these letters to be notarized. The church will arrange to have the document notarized for you, however you will need to pay the $10 fee for the notary. You may contact the Headquarters office at: ULC International Headquarters 601 Third Street Modesto CA 95351 Phone: (209) 527-8111 FAX: (209) 527-8116 Email:
  8. While I agree, in part, Ed, I have to ask myself what kind of sick ** would go out of his way to use his position of authority to force himself on children (!) The answer, sadly, is in many newspapers and reports around the world. Would allowing priests to marry help the problem? Probably. But you're still going to have a group of them that really ARE in it for the children...and that's kind of scary. I would like to go on record as saying that I have a great amount of respect for the priesthood as a whole, indeed, any person of any religious faith, and my objections are not pointed at those that are faithful and considerate to those in their care. My disdain and disgust is aimed at those who abuse their positions of authority to bring children to harm. I am saddened to think that you had to run away from something that was so central to who you are.
  9. while there should be no additional paperwork for you, as the officiant, to fill out, it's always a good idea to contact the clerk of the county in the area where the wedding would be performed. You may also want to check on residency requirements, since the wedding will take place in NC, instead of where they are going to live, in WV.
  10. put simply, when viewing a person's profile, it also loads mini profiles of the people that person has friended. In this instance, the "friend" had been removed during my recent member housecleaning. the profile was still looking for the member that no longer existed. I had to locate, test, and run an SQL query in order to remove the mini profile information from the main member's profile. Once I did that, it was all good.
  11. murphzlaw1


    Halloween, ya'll. NO it doesn't say Oct 30th, Phil, you fibber!
  12. the bolded part is my question. So I suppose this thread is geared towards our atheists and agnostics.
  13. not when you're on private property. Yes, he was right when he said not to have religious discussions at work, for the reasons he stated. Right about asking you to remove religious momentos? mm..maybe. I wouldn't want to fight that. but since all the equipment is paid for by the employer, they'd have the right to say "no" just as they'd have the right to say no to a guy postin a pic of his hot girlfriend in her bikini. As far as it being a former church...if the building is no longer used as a church, for religious purposes, that's irrelevant. Don't tempt fate. Have your discussions in your off time.
  14. I'm in your thread testing the posting.
  15. I've been known to play a little bit, on occasion ;)

  16. perhaps. I'll look into it. I think there's a way to disable that. I mean, I know that Mod HQ posts aren't visible to members, so, it's not inconceivable that there's a way to limit who sees what.

  17. okay. try the emoticons now. just tested and works for me. if it doesn't work, try to do a hard refresh on your browser (usually ctrl+f5). let me know..
  18. okay. note for me when I get to a computer that I can actually do stuff on. the changed files, which SHOULD, SHOULD fix the emoticon problem. SHOULD. I hope.
  19. oh, that's just evil. that's wrong. why don't I have you on mod duty?
  20. I do that on purpose. That way you can sit back in stunned amazement when, all of a sudden, things work the way they're supposed to. Ok, fine. "I'm looking into this issue and will let you know if I find out anything that may be of usefulness to you." better?