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  1. What does that mean? That sounds suspiciously like a personal attack. Awaiting clarification.
  2. quote of the night: "I googled the gerbil and the goat." these girls are somethin else.

  3. I guess the hospital food..... *puts on sunglasses* was to die for... yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (sorry for the loss...good luck..)
  4. quote of the night: "they don't have vanilla milk?" (in the vending machine.)

    1. RevRainbow


      thanks for the chuckle.

  5. Yup. Negative news sells. You saw the story, it gave you an emotional response. You passed it on, for discussion. That's what they want. Get a reaction, get their name out there. *nod*
  6. Really? You're gonna come into a thread in "Prayers and Good Wishes" and attempt to derail a thread posted by a well meaning member? Come on. You're better than that.
  7. quote of the night: "it takes two to mango"

  8. tres leche cake ftw!

  9. Vicodin is awesome drugs. Tell the dancin skittles I said hi. Feel better..sorry your day sucked.
  10. lol. pulled $200 out of a 2 cent slot machine. it was a star trek machine.

    1. Tsukino_Rei


      Ask it for Earl Grey, hot. I dare you.

    2. murphzlaw1


      actually, it was a TOS machine, not a TNG one. It had tribbles all over it!

    3. Tsukino_Rei


      =D I love tribbles! <3

  11. so if I did this I update my status on the SHOULD update my status on facebook...

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    2. Tsukino_Rei



    3. Tsukino_Rei
    4. murphzlaw1


      uh huh. it updated my facebook status. I don't think the reverse works, but that's okay.

  12. heheheheheeheh. upgrade complete!

    1. murphzlaw1


      boy you guys don't say much when I do this stuff!

  13. if you see any errors on the forum....yeah. that's me.

  14. I'm amused at how far this topic has gone. A person wants to "convert" people from Wicca, and we turn it into a 9 page topic. That is all. Carry on.
  15. Mark. you're banned. FYI. No, removal from the forum does NOTHING to affect your ordination with the ULC. That's just simply a removal of your posting priviledges on the forum. Even if I HAD the pull with Andre to revoke your ordination, which I DON'T, I wouldn't. and truth to tell, you were gettin picked on, because what person in their right mind would even be so concerned about the forum?! We all deal with the "oh, so you're not a REAL minister..." comments. And that's cool. Whatever, right? We're entitled to our beliefs, or lack thereof, just as they are.
  16. it's one of the breast smilies I have on this forum.
  17. heyyyyyyy...what can I say? It's a subject of great interest to me.
  18. I, as admin, disagree that this person was a troll. I believe that they joined, thinking they were joining an conventional Christian Church. Hence my inital responses in this thread.
  19. I prefer cherry pie, just so you know. Or pumpkin. But only around autumn. So. Cherry please! yeah, but some of us are really blocked to energy from other people. Shields up and all that.
  20. good luck to you in your search for enlightenment, fulfillment, and tolerance towards people of all religious beliefs, no matter how different they are from your own.