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    Theological study, politcal satire, anthropoligy, astronomy, psychology/sociology, kung fu, MMA, fencing.
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    Christian, simply put.

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  1. Feelin' Purple Rain by Prince right now.
  2. According to Mormons, Jesus did come to America to convert natives, so why not Rigel 7.2-5?
  3. Absolutely! I'm an Anne Rice fan, but the brutallity of this one was awesome.
  4. If anyone loves a good vampire flick, like I do, watch it over and over again!
  5. Not in this world. Now when all whom I love doesn't. In paradise, you betcha.
  6. Big series fan over movies. That last movie with Duncan? Pew!
  7. That was wonderful. (I'm an angelic lore enthusiest)
  8. "Don't Fear the Reaper" Blue Oyster Cult
  9. Hey, we're on holy ground, it should be safe.