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  1. I'd frame it if I could find a frame that big. that's amazing stuff there..
  2. I thought that said "revenge of the druids" at first. Funny...she doesn't look Druish!
  3. when I went to show the wife last night, I just did a google on "live action simpsons" and found it right away.
  4. I agree with you about Blues Brothers 2000. I enjoyed Ocean's Twelve. Other than that..yeah..
  5. are they actually gonna make a live action movie??
  6. the only reason I would get the game is to screw with my coworkers.
  7. This pretty much says it all, I think. This was not the ONLY reason for the Sainthood, but was something that came to our attention to warrant the nomination. I'm very very proud of both of our newest Saints. Please congratulate them!
  8. Some of you know this, most of you don't. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, one of our members wrote an email to family members detailing some of the specifics, and steps taken for others who were in harm's way. The story touched so many of us, and I'd already considered a Sainthood nomination before I got PM's from no less than 4 members saying that this member deserved recognition, not just for saving so many people from the wrath of Katrina, but for showing others what ULC ministers are made of. Thus, I present to you, your newest Saint: Von Noble! *wild applause* Von would never step up and take recognition for this, but the certificates arrived yesterday. A VERY well deserved Sainthood, indeed...
  9. your best bet would be to contact the prison and ask what their policies are.
  10.'s cuz I haven't made the actual code for changing font size public yet. I had to create a code to get it to work right, because the board is...not as functional in some respects as it used to be. I'm having to find workarounds for features that we used to have but don't, since they've been phased out in place of other features. for the curious... [size%=80]this is how to make fonts smaller[/size%] makes [size%=80]this is how to make fonts smaller[/size%]
  11. I was trying to fix it. The way the new size thingy doesn't work very well. But, that's actually a tagline for the movie..Get Hed[size%=75]wig[/size%].
  12. I've got 2 copies of Rocky.. I don't own Hedwig yet..but it'd be an interesting addition. Donny...go out and get Hed[size%=75]wig[/size%]. I'd be interested to see what you think about it.
  13. Oh, I'm sorry... Rocky Horror Picture Show. They're both comedies, really...but.. Couple of links about Hedwig: I've only seen Hedwig once...but it was really a decent movie. I won't say great, but...decent.
  14. How about RHPS and Hedwig and the Angry Inch? RHPS is more about showtunes, but.. Ah, well..
  15. bah dum ba! Musicals Murph Enjoys: Miss Saigon Starlight Express Phantom of the Opera um...and some others
  16. This topic is for people who want to share why they've become an ordained minister. (Linked from the October 2005 ULC Online Newsletter) We can start here. Maybe we'll learn a little something about each other that was previously unknown.
  17. Oh, I don't know. Have a smoke, or if you don't, raise a soda, and think of how you can make the world a better place. Do something to make the world around you better for people.
  18. you're proabably's been a LONG
  19. Lou: You refer to the Dragonbard series, I presume? My contribution: The Belgariad and the Mallorean. 10 books by David Eddings. There are 3 others that go with the story, but read the first 10 first.
  20. I can take absolutely no credit for this one. Mark created this and set it up all by himself.