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  1. Along the marsh edge The trees stand as sentinels Guarding the moonlight
  2. ~ Thanx Vegas! Nicely done In a darkened room Voices fly in anger to The video game {OK, not good. Just, y'know...}
  3. ~ Fred? Hon? Don't let anyone harm you or hurt you in any way... You are creating a life! I'll tell ya what it's like giving vaginal birth, it's like crapping a small car. Ta-Da!!! It's not any more miraculously special than having your abdomen sliced open. The baby is there! You have created within yourself a miracle & that's all that is True. That is the Truth. Stay strong & know you are a wonderful woman!
  4. Burning asphalt imbedded with prints that burn the nostrils and so it's another day. In L.A. Hear the freeway? That passes above beyond. Our dreams spray-painted on walls close by happy commuters with cafe lattes whine with bright wheels Quick! Don't look don't see the primitive life... It's just a drive-by, a passing frown at natives. See though? See for a moment? Dark and frightened and hopeful and wishing just trying to capture maybe a thought of those existing behind the freeway.
  5. ~ OK, American Haiku... Under this tall tree The shadows of the storm pass While puddles remain
  6. ~ Led Zeppelin, Chris Isaak, Marc Bolan, Redd Nexx, & music written by Ravel, Mozart, Tchaichovsky... too much. Blade Runner, Labyrinth, Crash, Finding Nemo, Tremors, I don't know what all, just listing what others usually don't?
  7. ~ Hmmm, Dabby & his trees... {I'm not nearly as good! Ya got me there always } Lovely under snow the broken cherry tree feeds birds in summer
  8. ~ Thanx Dabby! Your beautiful trees have soothed me Ancient cypress cling to stone worn and weathered twisted by time Sycamores, giggling, tickle the sky Redwoods hush the world with hooding clouds wrapped about their height Cactus-like with grand aspirations Joshua trees rudely gesture across the desert ...
  9. ~ Trees be good! Patience, Patience, is the sigh Of breezes slipping gently by The Gods awaken when they may Keep patience till that birthing day ... OK, that was for Flower. Gotta think...
  10. ~ Oh good grief... I bubble? {Maybe burp sometimes! } Y'know? I work well with challenge, so now another Afternoon ? {Just 'cause!} ~ Just An Afternoon... Lemonade catches moths on Gramma's table dressed with tarnished silver speckled like a cousin's face. Far-off shouts blend with the clatter of melting ice but the tree stands so cool... High above like a hawk Aunty frowns with dark eyes, a hand clasped to run in the orchard replaces all... Branches catch at, never caught, the run plays on. ~ That's a memory of mine.
  11. ~ Winds that roared now whisper of frozen Gods long lost. Ancient trees stand sentinel holding the sacred ground. ... I don't know... Maybe? {Thanx Dabby! I do love ya! }
  12. ~ Ooo... I feel challenged! { } Gods scatter like leaves leaving cryptic wind-blown sneezes and crunchy paths {I do not intend insult to anyone!} There was a frozen place where once Gods whispered, "Hear Me!" ... Good salmon fishing now.
  13. ~ For a beautiful Flower That inspires me to dance the path my heart beats With birdsong in soul and sun and moonlight. She makes me lovely by loving and sweetly Reminding me that my sight is complete. {I just had to! }
  14. ~ Oh! From our son? That visit was lovely actually! This had nothing to do with any of our children. Yeah, Chico got it. I'd dedicate it, but I'd get {nope, not gonna say it!} ... It was just a something for some.
  15. ~ You Guilty Son-Of-A... Well, you know what you're a son of. And you sure as ** know what you're guilty of! Yeah, dance like that & pray the music follows. Because you know others are gonna call ya on it, like at a western bar with straw on the floor. What? Stomp those toes within those footsteps! Make that choice only yours to follow? Every thought so strictly ordered... It's only a dance son. Have fun.
  16. The wind blows me back and forth like wild waves, constant waves. My mind is lost in the sky, the sea, in me.
  17. Qryos


    ~ Thought provoking & kinda creepy. {Hope that's what you were after}
  18. ~ So, what's the consensus? <pssst! Phil... You've frosting or something on your chin!> Buttermilk? Cake? Stuffed? Big hole, little hole? Glazed? Topped with candy? Of course fresh & hot's preferred... They're all fried anyway & not good for ya y'know!
  19. ~ voice never heard... softer than a whisper in a valley lost from sight
  20. ~ Just a bunch of meanies, huh?
  21. ~ More??? OK. Hiding little creatures burst! Away with leaf cover Flurry skitter tripping lost. Sunlight streaking dusty paths to home again.
  22. Gallop is the meter chased unfound a trot a walk now stopped. In dark woods full of tripsy vines and low thick branches face facing ducked We crouch. Whispers too loud fingers point and trace a scent or step the secret stalking commences. ~ An attempt at a different form. What d'ya think? I know, it's odd... Odd's not always bad, just wonder if this is?