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  1. ~ I know... I have my father's collection of old vinyl & was wondering where I could get parts & needles for my own turn-table. Well, there are D.J.s at raves & 'hip-hop' clubs & such that feed the demand! In Santa Clarita {in So Cali} there's a shop called 'Beats & Blunts' that sells turn-tables & parts & needles & all. There's music on that vinyl that hasn't been digitized yet & it still needs to be heard. It's nice to know that the way & means are still available, huh?
  2. ~ Clouds tall as mountains tumble Above the darkened desert Thunder chases lightening
  3. ~ Zappa... Didn't he have a thing at the house of pancakes? After trudging across the tundra, mile after mile... Oh! Our Truth's gonna have a serious thing with 'french toast', huh? Whip up egg with some milk & cinnamon, soak bread {stale old bread is dandy!} & then fry it up in butter. Yummm Darlin! Syrup or fruit preserves or powdered sugar or any combo, you're set.
  4. ~ I hear trees, they're soft and slow. We must be quiet or never know What trees say. It's simple, "Ahhh... another day."
  5. ~ Well Marla, hope to see ya playing on your own in the deep waters { } here! & Yo! Truth ... you've been Knighted. You can change your lable thingy. You are now "Lord Dunkin of the Donut' {use 'paladin' with the : on both sides ... makes ya macho } & you're new to grilled cheese sandwiches? Really??? Oh, there's a whole new world for ya Hon! I've been toasting thick slices of tomato while the wheat bread toasts all in olive oil & then when all is turned over, placing provolone & mozarella on either side & the tomatoes on top & slap together... Sharp cheddar with ham or tuna, yummm! Black bread with brie & smoked salmon is expensive & rare but Wooo! It's bread, any kind of cheese ya like & you can add whatever you enjoy... Yummms are awaiting!
  6. ~ The owl watches unblinking... The sun rising blinds So the mouse goes home.
  7. ~ So, the Mighty Murph does it once again!
  8. ~ Crap. It's on my & eyes & ears... We need artists.
  9. ~ Well, I'd say that's good only it hit too close to home. Reminds me too much of my son. So whether it's good or not it hurt me so I don't like it. ... Congratulations. Well done.
  10. ~ Yo Dabby! Rivers gather, babble, join in a rush to spread the word to the sea ~ Poor Vegas His innards now outwards. The munchies were yummies but now they're erupties...
  11. ~ So, anyone find anything? That morning our 10 month old Grandbaby said, "Thank you". Clearly, 7 times in a row. Thought that was cool.
  12. ~ All right... OK. I've been here at least if not longer than everyone else & am a 'Saint'. {I've a card that says so!} Anyway... I hereby Knight thee Lord Dunkin of the Donut You can use that anywhere you wish, because it is done. You have been Knighted by a Saint. It is official. Go forth and protect donuts, let no one abuse or misuse them.
  13. ~ The cat on the wall ready to pounce unmoving
  14. ~ Who told you poetry must rhyme? It needs to come from & touch the heart. Thank you!
  15. ~ After the ship crashed, there was a huge pirate fight! But after lemonade and cookies a nap made it calm.
  16. ~ What, ya never saw an 80s band? July, and still a toad on my porch. Time to turn off the light.
  17. ~ Never said it was haiku... Just a short. But ya wanna play 'Satameter? Cool! Some may be quite captured, attracted by that swing or by your sing-song words. Weave those sounds round about glitter-blind the sillies, play it loud, make it clear. Now the pearl's not so bright with darkened rooms waiting The door swings heavy now. ... Crap. I have no idea at all where that all came from! No rhyme, that's a haiku thing. {& it's a lot harder than ya think!} Seriously, I don't know where this stuff plopped out of. Sorry... I kinda lost it.
  18. ~ Oh, you can get odder conversations around here than about donuts! {Have you ever made your own? Easier than ya think! try foodnetwork.com, recipes & stuff.} Ooops! Sorry... Nicely done.
  19. ~ Hello Katherine, welcome! Hope you find more than just this 1 topic to keep you here. I'm a dinosaur with dial-up, youtube is not an option for me. ... Personally, I'll likely be asleep then. Perhaps my subconscious will play too. Wish ya all the best tho!
  20. My tears salty as your thighs parting my solitude about me
  21. ~ Thank you everyone! That pearl earring tossed me with each swaying movement Deeper into your voice.
  22. ~ It's a BBC show, most of them never made it to the U.S. {& the U.S. tends to ignore stuff 'foreign' doncha know } It's fun. The Doctor is a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey. He travels in a machine called the Tardis, which travels in space & time & is currently disguised as an english police callbox. {It's larger on the inside than the outside.} He picks up humans to travel with him as companions, cause he gets lonely & they're entertaining. In the 60's he had more than one at a time, but the later ones it's usually a young female. {They squeak! } He periodically dies & regenerates in a new body, which is how they can keep making the shows... There are recurring villians, the Daleks {robotically encased angry little loveless beasties} & the Cybermen {emotionally destroyed brains encased in robots} There was his nemesis, The Master, who was an egomaniacal renegade Time Lord intent on supremacy over the Universe, haven't seen him in a while... But the actor was the part, & he did last 3 decades! ... Yes, there is a theme... Free will & fighting against mindless rules & ruthless minds... y'know, freedom stuff. & it's fun. Try it.
  23. ~ Ohhh... It's Well, it's an either ya love it or ya don't. On SciFi Fridays. Try it. I know bel, the new Doctor Who we get is pretty good tho! Fits well with the 'ancient' stuff & Thank you Murph ... Another traveller, huh? {My sister gave me a large coffee mug printed 'University of Gallifrey'. She doesn't like Doctor Who, but she showed her love there, huh?}
  24. ~ I enjoy short poems. The condensing & refining {well, not always refined } make for tasty nibblets. I wander into rooms Unannounced and unexpected. It's often a shock and disturbing, But my mind leaves doors unlocked.