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    Historical re-enactor Renn Faire, Dickens era) Sci-fi fantasy costumer. Making, desiging, and wearing costumes. Making hand crafted glycerine soaps, and bath fizzies. Reading, kniting, crochet, needle point. Theatrical prop building and design.<br /><br />Owner of Ruben's Girls an eBay store and Rosewood Creations, an Etsy store for hand crafted items.
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    Pagan, witch and other

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    Self Employed, Selling Designer Plus Sized Women's Clothing. And creating hand crafted items for my other store.
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  1. For me the number 666 is a sign of the Triple Deity. The three faces of each in the Devine. The Goddess/Lady, the God/Lord and the Path. The number 3 is a power number in my beliefs. My "lucky" number is 13. I belive the reason most buildings don't have a 13th floor listed, it because that is the Mezanine floor. It's where they keep all of the equipment and stuff they don't want the general public to get into. Access is by a service elevator.
  2. Very interesting. A thought just occured to me. Isn't what we see in a mirror the oppisite of what is where we are?
  3. Two things. I told my friend who is depresesed, that there is even sunshine in space if you look hard enough! Second, Moonlight is beautiful too.
  4. I guess someone is going to have to play with this one to get it to work. Claire's Monster Box through time and space, like the Tardis finds the locks. Like words and deeds, of sands and place the Monsters come out to play. We dance and sing upon the ledge, the clay does crumble. Tumbling to that emptyness over the edge we do go, adventure in time and space to see eternity! In Clair's traveling Monster Box!
  5. I guess I'm in the right crowd. Who Wants to Live Forever? is one I would like. Lament For the Dead is a very old song that used to be played on the bagpipes. ( it's almost impossible to find now, but I have a copy played on two flutes) Amazing Mist, was the original song before Amazing Grace.
  6. The funny thing about words Q, is they want to be heard or written. You may not know the reason for the writing, but they do.
  7. Sorry I missed your Birthday my King. I guess I was napping or something. Hope it was good. Lots of love anyway!! Flower
  8. I touch the unseeing eyes that passby in hopes they may see what has fallen and wish for Heaven's rains... Hi Q, here is just a thought that went through my mind. I really like the poem.