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  1. drifting on raging water eyes captive by pinholes in velvet awning twisted limbs ponder with fingers trailing disregard my passing. . . screaming . . . drowning
  2. Farscape - terrible loss, I refused to watch SciFi until they were done with the movie The Tick - live action Futurama - I hear the talk is about a movie, maybe DVD release Firefly - loved it, watched it first on DVD, didn't believe anything good was ever put on WB Greg the Bunny - Very, very funny, blah had lots of potential, blah Andy Richter Controls the Universe - had potential as well LEXX - because it was just too weird I know there are a lot more, but I can't think of them right now..
  3. How about: Jeffrey It's My Party Heavenly Creatures
  4. I bought a chapel because I loved the building, then figured it could be fixed up for small weddings, then made the connection that I could be one of the people marrying other people. It also makes me feel more solid in my spirituality. I have yet to determine where it will ultimately lead me, but I know it's leading somewhere.