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  1. ~ Robotech... Our children watched it but my husband & I were much more in to it! It carried through 3 generations {or was it 4? Coulda of been more, it was a while ago.} & the personal & emotional impact all the new technology inflicted... Very cool, extreme stuff!} ... Didn't even know they were coming out with a film! {I'm so Gramma now, I've lost the loop. Let me know please?}
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    ~ He's a darling sweet person that could use all the Thanks he can get, just like everyone else. {I certainly couldn't have helped with that! & I'm the moderator here. I'm just thrilled he strolled by & assisted.}
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    ~ Thank you mdtaylor!
  4. ~ DOCScott, congratulations on still being able to enjoy life! Sorry the loss of your house hurts still so much. ~ Christina, yes, enjoying every moment possible with our loved ones is important. We can never know when they or we will be gone. ~ Personally, I try to cherish every moment, because any can be my last. My children hear they're loved every day, & it doesn't seem to annoy them. {In their mid-twenties now, they still say "Love you too." ... Nice.} ~ Yep Buzz, 'Seven Samurai' is fantastic!
  5. Gently uncantered Memories of warmth are poured Thawing his winter
  6. ~ Farmer? Why don't you do that? There are small low-interest loans available for projects just like that. A Crafting Quilters Collective would be a wonderful thing! & if you encourage recovering addicts & homeless to participate, it's a charity. You get more Federal funds. & if part of the profit goes to shelters, more. A lot of paperwork, yes, but it could be so worth it!
  7. ~ What a surprise... The majority of those replying like a variety.
  8. ~ I'm eclectic. I like electronic too, house, jungle. {& the ancients like Kraftwerk} & classical, tend toward the dramatic there, Katchaturian, Wagner, Tchachovsky {sp}. 'Classic' rock, blues {I'm crazy for blues harmonica... yuuum!} & some country, Dolly Parton's just too sweet not to like! Progressive jazz sometimes &, well, pretty much anything done well.
  9. ~ Well that's all good then, isn't it?
  10. ~ I don't think that's a compliment actually... My husband damaged his knee & got a cane & started walking & acting like House. I gently pointed out that either his attitude improve or the cane was going to be inserted. Haven't seen the cane since. {& his attitude did improve.}
  11. ~ We watch 'House' too & love it. Did ya know that Hugh Lawry, the actor that portrays Gregory House is English? He has to work hard on his accent for the show!
  12. ~ Everyone gets it Sometimes harder than others Holy desire
  13. ~ Got him! the moment caught of one that's confined defining {all the silly refining & such, 'ing' is also not allowed doncha know!} ... Ooops... I was the one doing all that crap, huh? dark steps on the screen as the silly runs away to avoid trouble
  14. ~ I haven't written haiku for a while... I'll try. {I don't do 'American haiku', tho I can. I've studied Japanese haiku, based on imagery, not syllables. What the... I'll do one of each. Or try to!} bare trees reflecting on ice trees barren reflect upon the frozen water winter's complexion ... I prefer the 'Japanese' form... more contemplative, refined? I don't know, condensed. Able to have more meanings. It's hard tho' to craft an image, a 'snap-shot' of a moment in few words. {That's what 'Japanese' haiku is, a moment, an image caught.} 'American' haiku's catching on in Japan even! Altered of course due to the incompatability of the languages...
  15. ~ Gotta give that to my daughter, she loves that movie! {Gonna wait till after she gives birth tho'. She's due any day!}
  16. ~ The reviewer in our local paper said it was the best time at a bad movie he'd ever had. Evidently the premier became an audience participation event, rubber snakes & styrofoam planes a-flying... It's a pop-cult thang.
  17. ~ It's like the biggest blab-fest... Snakes on a plane. I've read that many just enjoy the honest title, others are hoping it's the greatest C movie ever {what, they don't watch Scifi movies?} But with the cast they're looking for a high-class stinker. It's been a web fav for months... just for the title.
  18. ~ Wasn't this type of fuss raised about Brooke Shields in 'Pretty Baby'? At the time she didn't know what the fuss was about, tho' it upset her she couldn't see the movie she was in. It's called directing, acting & editing... Creates a movie out of little bits. ... There have been horrendous scenes in movies involving children necessary for the plot. Children weren't actually tortured or raped or killed tho'. If the imagery crafted is necessary for the story-line, then it's there. To disturb probably, yes.
  19. ~ The hype makes the movie sometimes, doesn't it? 'Any news is good news' when it comes to such. I'll watch it, eventually, I'm sure. As a work of fiction like the author & studio claim it to be.
  20. ~ I really dislike war movies. I start ranting about the stupidity of war & the waste &... well, like that. But I thought Jarhead was pretty good.
  21. ~ Isn't 'art' perceived & defined by personal taste? Movies are visually active art & so can be defined by such, right?
  22. ~ I was wondering about 'Groundhog Day' too. Like that one. How's about... {Just to be obnoxious & such, in no order} Wind {silent} Finding Nemo Kill Bill {the set} Cleopatra {with Claudet Coubert} Sin City Ice Age The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Labyrinth The Nest {it's Norwegian} Alien Mine One's that you should never watch! {trust me, they cause brain damage...} Soccer Dog Son of the mask ... I've lost my thought just remembering those, sorry. There are more, I'm just, uhhh, yuk.
  23. ~ I don't go to theaters, we rent when they're out. My husband was reminded once again why! Our local film store gets 'em early, so we watched Kong this evening. Of course I wept at the end, I always weep at the end of a Kong film, you're supposed to. It was my uncontrollable laughter during the middle part... Several times it just got my giggles going. Annoyed my husband quite a bit, but I couldn't stop. That's why I don't go to theaters... {Well, besides the fact I they don't do potty breaks} because I'll annoy others that don't find funny what I do. & I laugh loudly.
  24. ~ That's all chalk? Coool work! P.S. What do they do with all that chalk afterwards?
  25. ~ Sounds interesting & of course they're not going to get it 'right'... What's right after all? I enjoy King Arthur movies, but really, based on which tale? ... It's conjecture & vision & legend. If they do it right, it'll be pretty & exciting & sweepingly visual & fun. Can't expect a movie to be more than that, right?