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  1. ~ Well, which old Doctor? The original, from the early 60's was a really old white-haired guy. Then the bushy-haired dude with the long scarf & pocket full of sugar babies {I take it you speak of him Pegassus?} Then there was the blond with the cricket suit & celery stalk in his lapel, then the little Welsh one with the lisp... Then the U.S. didn't get any for a verrry long time... & so far we've gone through 2, the one with big ears & now the one with big eyes. I'm really sorry I can't remember any names! Y'know, I understand in England Doctor Who is a children's show. Like Sesame Street in the U.S. {& they wonder why 'punk' developed there? It was a plot by the Daleks!} ... I just love the show, always have. Reminds me of my better dreams, I think.
  2. ~ I love Doctor Who. & tonight they brought it back with 2 new episodes! YaY!!! {I've been watching Doctor Who for decades.}
  3. ~ Thank you John C... I've read some interviews with Bruce Willis & evidently he feels the same way. He said this movie was much closer to the original, not with the special effects & all, but in the under-lying theme of a man doing what he must to do what's right.
  4. ~ I've been thinking about my past & images... lightening across broken hills the lake shivers squirrel leaps tree branches swoop cat set for a leap on a wall unmoving ... I know, they're not 'American' haiku. Call 'em 'shorts' then, don't care.
  5. ~ Oh, how I enjoy such wit, You two so obviously fit! Though it's easy to see The comradery I'm sure that you're both in a snit. {Yes, I'm crappy at limericks. Sorry! } Senryu? watching art crafted I laugh and am amazed at poetry made Haiku? typed words on a blank screen a good one ... OK... An American haiku? playing with a line following another form a classic is made ... OK. Veri & Phil got their kudos. {Especially Veri, that was very Veri! }
  6. Keep a pet & hear it purrr... What, you don't find it is sure? The placement here is what is pure. So, you don't believe this is the cure? Go ahead, call it all manure, Toss it all into the sewer. I enjoy playing!
  7. ~ Why was it bleary ? Perhaps it was fearful And now visions are cleared... Thoughts may be haunting... Some images daunting It was all still caught.
  8. ~ *Purrr* They be back... Sometimes a wild cat can leap! And without warning change a path that one was treading without thought. That cat may be a docile one, yet still jump out to meow! Yet never be truly ready for what it is that's caught.
  9. ~ Thanx Monk Really Ed, seriously, having one's poetry 'go away' does not inspire anyone to do any more. Why bother posting poetry if it's not going to be read? Isn't there some way to prolong the 'gong'? {Besides replying every month to each piece, which would work but be a chore, huh?} ... OK, yes, I know, the storage & all would become ridiculous... Sorry for my whining. It's not the place of this site to store anything indefinately. Just need new stuff or at least interest to keep it vital. {Dammm, I will argue with myself, won't I? I do babble!}
  10. ~ That's cool Mike! Thanx! If you'd like to post schedules & critiques for more, that would be really neat
  11. What happened to the poets, their words describing dreams? What happened to the poets with their laughter & their screams? Where did they go so quietly lost? How were they so tossed? What happened to the poets?
  12. bird-call late at night full moon casting deep shadows path to the pond lost ... OK, not a haiku, more a senryu. Sorry.
  13. thunder and lightening sparking spring rain and crickets small toads awaken
  14. ~ Me too! Boxes of my subscriptions, boxes from my Uncle from before I was born... {& where did the time go? I remember reserving a subscription to Asimov's before it came out!} Probably should sell 'em, sure there's a market, but I'd have to go through all the boxes to find 'em. My father collected books too, & albums. & I don't throw out. My husband's actually very patient! He built steel shelves to stack them so they're off the ground & get air circulation & no crushing. The garage hasn't seen a car since we moved in. {I pointed out it's less snow to shovel off the drive-way when the cars are parked there } There's a path & he can get to most of his tools... I know, 'physical things', attachment disorder, whatever. I am disordered. So many gems tho'! Some day... {Yeah, right! }
  15. ~ I haven't listened to any mentioned I don't think, but I do have copies of those 50's Galaxies. Well-written shorts! I love old Science Fiction magazines! {& Oh! When people started calling it 'Sci-Fi', the Hoo-Hah... } Sorry, continue the conversation. Didn't mean to interrupt.
  16. ~ Most religions have had their turn at being abused & used & misused by political factions. It still happens today...
  17. ~ I've Rednex 'Sex & Violins'... So neat! & yep, I've Blues Traveler's everything too
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    Chi is lovely!

  19. silver rain comes down valleys dark with ancient trees dim with the onslaught
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    ~ The History channel did a good job! Went into some of the culture of the Spartans {rough stuff } & that it wasn't just 300 Spartans holding strong, there were 500? {me with numbers } other Greeks that held the line for the retreat also. Anyway! 300 is an entertainment. & evidently artistically done in the manner of Sin City. {Which is a cool movie.} I don't do theatres, so I'm gonna wait.
  21. ~ Oh yeah, Hidalgo's Very good! I've seen it like 3 times now {movie package}. Love it every time. & get tears each time at the end... I'm a sniffler at movies .
  22. ~ Cool! Straight to DVD? {I'd imagine. That's what they do a lot now.} Will be looking for it tomorrow
  23. ~ It's all satire, it IS Stephen Colbert on the Comedy Channel.