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  1. First one: Loneliness An isolation, No one there to confide, You don't like to listen. No echo resounds, All alone, nobody there, Echo of stillness. Heavy weight drowns me, Pressing on my shoulders, A profound struggle. A deathly quiet, A need of a hearing test, Drumming oppression. Blanket of silence, Suppression of darkest black, The mental torture. and another one, more simple: bullets and a rose a black rose for you and a bullet for me smile in regret as my car hits a tree laugh as i gag when the rope pulls tight sleep safe and sound knowing I'm not alright as the razors cut breathe out your sorrow doesn't matter how i go ill be dead by tomorrow something to live for is all i don't have nothing to part with is something i had you wont cry or smile at all you'll just stand there and watch me fall thats all i want thats all i need stand by my side and wait as i bleed and when its all over breathe me back in the end of my life is where i begin hope you enjoy them...