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  1. ~ I do so very much enjoy your art Phil! Thank you!!!
  2. ~ But your feet show it, They're Longfellows! {I know an oldie }
  3. There once was a man from Nantucket... Who carried his cat in a bucket... Said the man, "Oh, dear puss..." you are such a wuss past the nasty dog we have snuck it!
  4. ~ Oh. So! You think you have me just because... the curtains whiper in your voice the shadows have your scent the wind moves on my body like you Oh. So! I think I have you just because...
  5. ~ CRAP!!! This is getting nuts now guys... I will check-out lulu.com & Gibbs Smith Publishing. OK? ... Sorry you couldn't get to the site Rose, stuff like; Beautiful young men bloom like sunflowers from broken stone. Sleepily sway in bright cold streetlight. Soft flashing petals swiftly fall leaving behind dry bitter stems. Tear up the roots but the seeds left behind fall in the cracks to rebloom. -'03 Caught within the wind Autumn's leaves are whispering You too are the past And gently the rain Giggles then comes raging down Flooding the low ground Golden light slanting Through branches colored by time Soon the cold will come -02 ~ SEE??? See what you all have done? You've made me one of those pain-in-the-ass people! I don't want to be a pompous 'poet' person... I like words, they're pretty in how they play & playing with them to explain & exclaim & proclaim emotion in motion, that's fun. Please, please don't credit me with more than what I am. I'm just a babbler.
  6. ~ Oh... OK. Somehow I came across as a confident voice. {That's maybe the mis-understanding? & surprising to me!} I have never intended or meant anything more than an individual's actions should not harm another. ... I know, I sometimes get pissy & post so. I do not intend distress or upset when I do such.
  7. ~ Ok. This is getting beyond silly! I just babble stuff & sometimes write an image-thing or emotion-write... I am not some greatly gifted artist! I've read much better than I've ever written. You want to read other I've written? Fine. I'll find the connection. http://p210.ezboard.com/fscope71241frm64 ... There. Lots of stuff. Enjoy!
  8. ~ Meredog, you're granting me much more power than I have! & if I did have that power, what's wrong with that? Are humans at risk of extinction due too few births? ... You are carrying this a bit far. It's simply a discussion.
  9. ~ I know... abortion is always going to be a volatile subject. This topic isn't about that though actually... {& Welcome Zeus! }
  10. ~ Angie, I'm so glad your husbands cousin is so strong! & so sorry about his frustration. I can only imagine & that's even near I'm sure. He sounds like a wonderfully marvelous young man & I so hope he finds a fine young woman. {That sense of humour, that can get 'em!"}
  11. ~ If every possible pregnancy were realized... Every month from about 13 on a female can be impregnated. All those opportunities for a life to be created are being lost. Not because of me. I'm not dictating who should or should not be alive. I'm saying responsibility is necessary. I don't mind if one harms one's self, harming another is not right. Just because a woman is capable of getting pregnant doesn't mean she should, especially if her uncontrollable behavior will cause harm to another. ~ & yes jkp, I understand what you're saying. But say a 2month old infant is in the same room as parents smoking crack, not fed, not clean, would you say 'step in!' or is it up to the parents, their right to treat their child as they want? As it was in the womb. Once the child is born does it become a potential societal asset that must be protected for it's future contributions? Or can a child be used & abused any way their parents decide & if it lives, such is life. ... No one wants or likes abortions Pegs. But outlawing them, that's an insanity. Better birthcontrol & education. Very! I personally have no problem with early abortion. I understand some do. I don't intend offense.
  12. ~ So, smoking crack with a fetus in the womb or a child in the house is OK. Not in my little corner of the universe. I don't suggest the gestapo jump in & monitor every pregnancy! I said it's not right, when others are harmed by one's actions. If you believe that early abortion is murder then I understand why you found what I posted offensive. I voted 'Other: I will not confine myself to the limits of your poll!' Because it's not a topic that can be easily confined or defined. I'm glad you love your wife Mererdog, that she was born to find your love. That doesn't mean that what her mother did was right.
  13. ~ I never said such a thing. I am very sorry that you read what I posted so. I don't see as how what I posted is offensive. What, the abortion part? I said early abortion, which does happen every day way more often than it ought to! Abortions shouldn't ever be needed or wanted as far as I'm concerned, birth-control should be better. What, you trying to get me to apologise Doggy? I won't for that post. I do sympathize tho!
  14. ~ Glad ya like the frog one... it just made me giggle. Again. { I'm a twit quite often! } Wind plays the leaves like a harp, Each note falling golden to the ground. Soon the muted whisper of branches strummed with snow to slow the rhythm.
  15. ~ A person should be able to do what they want with their body & life as long as no others are harmed. It may not be considered fair to some, but a pregnant woman damaging her body is also damaging another. If a woman cannot or will not stop drinking or doing drugs then she shouldn't get pregnant. Ever. Or if need be get an early abortion. But damaging another before they're even born is not right. That's cruelty of an extremely selfish manner that's permanent harm to another. A fetus does count in that it becomes a human damaged by being created in a cess-pool. If a person wants total control over their own body & what they do with it, then they should take total responsibility.
  16. ~ Just a dab of yolk-type humor Sorry! I'm just trying to crack a joke & sometimes... Well, it's hard {That's right. I didn't say boiled! Come on... Gotta coddle sometimes!} OK, O'm let it it go & stop. It's a wicked wind that whispers RUN!!! My feet stay where they're lead And so yet my mind crawls with every leaf that flies Away with my skin and eyes. ... Don't know where that came from! Like a burp sometimes.
  17. ~ I don't know if this will help Fred or not. It's a Tanka {a specific poem form} I wrote years ago... In lonely darkness Tears fall on a damp pillow. A deep quilt of snow Quietly covers the past. Sorrow springs from a cold bed. ... Crap. That wouldn't help anyone, huh? Why is it the strongest poetry is always a spilling of pain? OK! Cheerier... A frog burps & leaps up I squeak & leap back my dog yips & leaps too ... Leap frog is muddy.
  18. The tree broke. Slowly, quietly, actually quite gently. Now there's an empty in the yard.
  19. The tripping and tangling of words upon their meanings and all their seemings of thises thatses that others consume or assume have artistic seemings of what? They are words. Written. Of thoughts.
  20. ~ That's beautiful bel!!! Really! No one's gonna critisize here, it's just a simple typing place. You do have that written by your hand at home don't you? That's what stays. That's what is real. & beauty like that needs to stay!
  21. ~ Thanx Dabby, wish it were more sunny-side-up
  22. ~ Thank you ... I get these thoughts sometimes & they're scrambled & so they come out so...