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  1. If all someone needs is a letter of sponsorship for Wisconsin, just email or call. My number is on my website I can easily send you a letter in the mail on letterhead.
  2. Another option is becoming a Justice of the Peace or I think there is a way to get a Marriage Officiant license. Not sure, but you could look these options up.
  3. Just curious to see if there are any Jewish or Messianic ministers here? Would be nice to connect and maybe compare notes. I am trying to start a synagogue locally that is Messianic, and I can tell you it is hard. Stuck between Jewish or Christian, it is a confusing place to sit. Anyways, hope to meet any Jewish or Messianic ministers soon.
  4. Welcome to the forum, glad to have you here. We hope to hear more from join in the discussions and let us know what your Journey has shown you thus far! Blessings of Peace,

  5. I am hoping to start a Messianic Jewish congregations locally, or wait until I move to NY (depends on the next couple of years). That is it really.