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Good Morning, 


My Name is Pastor Mike and I live in the New Bedford, MA area and serving the people in need of spiritual faith. I specialize in dealing with Depression, Loss of Faith, Guidance in Christ, Weddings, General Services and Most Important Death. I visit many hospitals where people are preparing to cross over to our Heavenly Father. 

This is where most of my time is spent. I was told from my mother and others as a child that I would become a pastor and never understood why they would tell me this all the time. Although  I never understood why strangers I came into contact with also would ask if I was a pastor too? As I said stilling not understanding why this question was often asked growing up now as a pastor I understand why they did. The spirit was calling me and I was to young to understand it and as I grew older I would avoid it. After years of practicing my path to the spiritual faith I soon discovered this was the calling I was meant to serve. I have been serving the Lord since I was a child and it grew stronger and stronger as I grew older. With all the things taking place in this human world and as some of the main events took place and I happened to witness them or be present at them I soon discovered this is what I was choose to do. I was a witness to the September 11, 2001 attack on our country. I was in New York City on this day eating breakfast at a diner when all hell broke out. As people panicked I immediately jumped into action. Calming strangers offering words of wisdom and guidance in anyway Possible. I was asked by the local law enforcement to help out as I did. I stood in New York for an extra 7 plus days assisting in all areas of need. Continuing on in life as a calling to accidents, fires and other human life obstacles is where I happened to be. 

More and more I discovered this is the calling Jesus has set in place for me to serve. I believe I’m Blessed and guided from our Heavenly Father to serve the people in need in this area of need. As I continued on my path in this area I soon learned there was another calling and not many pastors were available or directed into the path of death. For whatever reason it is nor my understanding as to why? I continued to focus in on it only to serve as needed in this area as I currently do. I find the hardest part is not dealing with the person preparing to leave this human life but the family members who fight while this is taking place. To me it is a Special time of calling and I feel I am blessed to serve. If you should have any questions regarding this area of guidance please feel free to contact me with any and all questions? My email is Mikec3174@outlook.com Have Blessed and Wonderful Day as we all continue our walk in faith on our journey to serve our Lord Jesus Christ today and Everyday Forward!

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14 hours ago, Mikec3174 said:

Have Blessed and Wonderful Day as we all continue our walk in faith on our journey to serve our Lord Jesus Christ today and Everyday Forward!

Not sure who “we all” are as this is not a Christian forum.


 Nonetheless, welcome to the forum.



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Whether for kicks, giggles, or genuine desire to minister to others, we are all ordained, regardless of faith, sex, persuasion, ethnicity, or even nationality. If you feel you were chosen by Christ, then you are free to believe that. Not everyone here does. We are non-denominational. We are international.

I am grateful for people like you to assist when a crisis arises when people are greatly needed. I applaud your willingness and your faith to drive you further in service.

We need such people for the people of the world.


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