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  1. Yes, that does tend to make life… interesting… and meaningful… But also more challenging (to follow the path of the Buddha). Let me illustrate; I have been in (several) severe motor accidents (having been hospitalized, operated and rehabilitated) and in war (two times; been shot at/shelled/bombed over, threatened to be butchered [with a “Rambo”-knife), had a gun cocked and put on my forehead), but I have never, EVER been (even close to) as worried as since my first child was born into my hands (literally). As a (team-) lead I thought I understood my reports who had children. I did not. It’s a cliché, but you really have to live through it to understand. How does one “releas[-e] the transitory and understand[…] that everything passes” if it concerns their children? (PS Wife I can understand, but children…)
  2. Then let’s wonder off-topic… do you have any (grand-)children, Jonathan?
  3. Yeah, this forum hasn’t got a lot of good topics any more… You more or less predicted that. Still, good to know you are all right!
  4. True, that is an extreme example. I do recognize your example too, and have chosen a simmilar path (only karma to poke it’s head up when I met him a few years later when I had build my business further while driving in my BMW X5. He asked if we could talk. I gracefully declined)… But I did choose that example because that is how I feel nowadays… All true. but oh so hard to put into practice. Especially in those extreme circumstances. I am all for the “Aristotelian golden mean”… “Good” to know. Thanks for the kind words again. Have I mentioned already I missed you? I am glad you’re back.
  5. I find it hard. (Maybe simple to understand but difficult to practice?) An example: how do I let go of anger towards someone threatening my children? I understand everything passes (including my children), but I would really like (desire) it to take a bit longer… On the missing Buddhas: there are not a lot of princes who are in the position to spend that much time philosophizing… most of the billionaire children spend their days on sex, drugs and rock&roll (thrill seeking). On that note; I am quite dissappointed that there are so many billionaires in the world and not one has decided to become Batman. So I am only (hu-)man; I need to eat, so I have to earn money. I want to reproduce, so I had children. They need to eat, so rinse and repeat… ?
  6. Nice summary. Sounds indeed helpful from that perspective. But the ego wants…
  7. My wife and I try to have a daily walk. Very often together; which is also some “together” time (as we have 2 teenage kids that tend to ask a lot of our time), and thus becomes “quality” time. I used to run three times a week, and found it “meditating” in the sense it “cleares your head”. But unfortunately it is quete stressful for my knees… (something with mind over matter..?)
  8. It is nice to see the Julian/Orthodox Christian calendar still being honoured... happy new year!!!
  9. Nope. Nothing to add... quite self-explanatory. Just that I like the idea and it's great for some peace fo mind. Thank you!
  10. Just a little side note (though still on topic). Fun for a bit of "light" reading (pun intended) and says (again) more about people than about any (real or perceived) deity: Nightfall — by Isaac Asimov.
  11. Unfortunately there are a lot of ignorant people who seem to lack the ability of logical thinking (either by lack of intelligence or by consistent brainwashing) providing enough oxygen and fuel to keep the temperatures high and the flames going...
  12. Or... we start taxing assets/profits more (instead of work) and introduce 'universal basic income' ASAP... PS. and I am not "looking for a job" myself, nor afraid of being unemployed or without income myself...
  13. Cool, thanks! EDIT: found the 2014 edition online:
  14. Which book (so I don't have to watch an half hour of video; I can read faster than he speaks...)?
  15. Thank you for making that point. We more or less just summarised my Bachelor' thesis' conclusion... PS and - of course - I also acknowledged my own personal biasses...
  16. Doesn't that (kind of bias) apply to all human analysis (more or less)...?
  17. Funny... my bachelor's thesis was actually on the political philosophy of Star trek (and the conclusion wasn't pretty)...
  18. Although the point is valid and the video entertaining (to those who are open to the argument) it is open to an 'argumentum ad absurdum' critique... Anyway, I enjoyed it. Gave me a chuckle. Thanks!