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  1. Greetings All... This is my first time here. I prayed for direction and I was lead here. an early age, I to was told I have a story to tell. I grew up in a neighborhood where the elders laid a founfoundation and raised us as family. Basically we grew up in church and as we got older, we strayed but never too far. I was blessed to have friends any family that God placed in my life to serve as bumper rails (lol). Some things I never forgot. I was told never put anything or anybody before God, always know that anything in life we have is on loaned to us even our loved ones, and that on what we may see as dark days or "bad things" they happen for a good reason. Those words of wisdom came into reality as I grew older. I was ashamed to talk about my blessings because i didn't want to sound like i was he only one with challenges in life. Therefore I learned to listen. But each challenge I encountered the desire to share with someone grew deeper and deeper. My thirst for knowledge came along as well. I wanted to know as much as I could about other religions. Not that I was unsure but getting to anything/anyone makes understanding that person or people a lot better. At the age of 5yrs old, I had a dream that my cousin and I was outside and this tall glowing man came from nowhere, introduced himself as Jesus, being kids we were like "yeh o.k.", lol. My cousin then asked "if you're Jesus, let me see you walk thru Dee". At that moment, I felt something pass thru me like I never felt. From the minute i told my family, thats when I was told I'm gonna have a story to tell. Fast forward to being a young adult. I had my daughter at an early age. I skipped the post teen years to be the father is that every kid should have. I grew up without my biological Father until I met him when I was 21yrs old. I was not gonna allow history to repeat itself. I was surrounded by all the gold and riches anyone can want (not in the materialistic or monetarily form). Being a young man worldly things caught my attention and was obtained at some point. I worked 2 jobs and went to school while still taking care of business and having fun. Now this is where the trust and belief in God never wavered and needed to be shared. I never had a illness that sat me down all my life...well hat changed in 2004. I had a motorcycle accident and my Family was told to start making arrangements becausethey did all the could and I may not make it thru the night. NOT!!! God woke me a week later staring at my Nana, wondering why was she at the foot of my bed. I thought I was home until I tried to move. I overcame many challenges during that time but the reward I got from that was well understood why this happens. The years to follow I got married and more challenges came from all angles. I never fully recovered from the accident when I was struck with a series of "challenges "that landed me in the hospital every December of 2012 untl May of 2013 was hospitalized and during that time I would label it as all my chips were cashed in at one time, yet it was another challenge. With the grace of God, I got back I'm my feet. My health never returned to 100%, but my being here was enough for me. Here comes another wave...i was still in and out of the hospital again, my motorcycle caught fire with me on it. I did dodge a lengthy hospital stay thank God. Suddenly my close knit family was being called home. Within a very short period of time my Stepfather, Uncle, Grandfather, and Grandmother all were call home. Not to mention my marriage was on its way south...(whew lol). I was forced to retire from a job I loved after 27yrs. I took my mother in to keep a eye on her, guess what....i didn't out slick the slicker, she was keep a eye on me. The next three years was like being a child again. I didn't mind at all. After a trying summer my Mom was called home. I almost made it thru the following year when in July of 2018 my house caught fire and I we once again on the wrong side of it. God and only God pulled me from the house. I sustained injuries which kept me in my timeshare (aka the Hospital). Total destruction, everything destroyed except the shoes on my feet and the shirt on my back. While in the hospital, when I awoke after a week in a induced coma, I awoke to my youngest daughter asking "was I ok". After attempting this sever time... I knew something be happens. Before I open my eyes a voice came home and told me "yup something bad did happen but I need you to do something different this time around. I made that promise from share Faith and Trust in God, however medicine has a funny way of making you loopy. I yyold my kids "I'm tired and don't wanna go on, I have no more fight left. That same voice came and told me "put ya big pants on, this is not your call...when I'm ready I'll call you". Today I stand here before you telling you my challenges Praying it would inspire just one person. I use the word "challenge " because I'm being tested every day, I'm only going to get what I can handle and as strange as it may seem....the thing I learned along the is priceless. My uncle used to tell me "if it don't kill you, it'll make you stronger. I'm stronger and richer in Christ than I ever could've imagined. Btw...the words spoken to me saying Trust Me as you have, all things will be replace with a new" All praises, I'm here, with just that,... most importantly to me are lessons learned and the strides gained by putting my full Faith and trust in God, if you don't here to tell you. I apologize for being the new guy with the world record post. Many Blessings, Thanks DeeGee