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  1. Show Kindness During These Times! As this year comes to an end, my heart is heavy with sadness. Each morning I wake up and pray to my Lord God for guidance when visiting the sick and home bound. With the pandemic in full swing of taking life’s. People are struggling to put food on the table for their families. This holiday will be like no other for years to come. It will be remembered for years to come. Hopefully, this will bring us closer to our Lord Jesus Christ? Now is the Time To Show Kindness, Love, Compassion, Toward Each Other! Lend an Ear to a Person who Speaks, Open a Door for Someone, A Simple Hello to Start a Conversation? Have you Smiled Lately? A simple smile can change a person’s thoughts. Taking a minute to show cost nothing, means everything to anyone.
  2. Yes, God will never judge your past as long as you choose to make the right choices in the future and today? We are all brothers and sisters in Christ!
  3. When you walk along the road: When we hear the word “church” we usually think of a physical building, but believers are the church wherever we go. The church is a group of people following Jesus together in their everyday lives. Who do you follow Jesus with in your everyday life? Who are the people in your church? When you lie down: Pray this prayer each day of the week: “Lord, thank You for showing us how to grow and learn at church. Help us to listen, ask questions, and learn more about You when we are at church. Amen.” Some verses to consider: Jeremiah 29:11, 1Peter 1:3, Corinthians 5:17, Philippians 3:13-14, Isaiah 40:31, Ecclesiastes 3:11, Lamentations 3:22-24, Isaiah 43:18-19, Proverbs 3:5-6, Mark 12:28-31, James 1:17-18, 1 Chronicles 16:11-12, or Colossians 3:15-17.
  4. RevBogovac; Leading by Example is the key to it all? Helping one person at a time is just the start. Best Wishes
  5. Good Evening, As we enter into the evening of the second day of January 2020, I come unto our Lord our God to ask for prayer for the Homeless and Sick. On a daily basis I deal with the Homeless facing challenges in there life. Each day people of all sorts are facing a crisis in this human life. For whatever reason this has to be addressed on a national level. Our brothers and sisters are being left to suffer in this human life. Mental health is on a rise and growing each day. What more is our children of god. Young boys and girls are being forced into slaves to sex. Everyday while reading the newspapers across the U.S. children are being kin-napped, drugged and forced into a world of the unknown? We as ministers of God must address this issue and save our children. Just over the past few weeks the numbers are growing at an alarming rate. Children are making choices to leave their families to wander into the streets of the unknown. Parents are under pressure do to life challenges and not understanding what could happen as a result of it. It is better to have a child home than on the street. As a country build on our founding fathers this is of a major concern to all of us. What must one do when facing a crisis? There is help available and it is our responsibility as pastors to lead the cause. Bring awareness to the alarming numbers is just the beginning. What is your church, temple or house of God doing to deal with this issue? Everyday our homeless are wandering the streets making irrational choices in their life. This sickness is of a greater concern to our nation. Feel free to comment and offer your opinions on this topic?
  6. Thank you, for replying to this post. As a person who has practiced living by example for others to follow, I am a firm believer it is going to get worse in the coming day, months and years ahead. One can only pray for the weak minded people.
  7. Good Morning and Blessings, As this Morning starts out let us pray for the for the injured. I am praying for the people who were victims of stabbings & shootings in and around the United States. Just over the past few days we have had two major incidents just over the weekend. The first in New York City and the other taking place in Texas. In my eyes this is becoming to frequent for us not to be concerned. Regardless of one’s beliefs it is with with great sadness when a person chooses to act in this way. For whatever reason they feel to act out in this way it is alarming. We as faith believers of many faith's but all child of our higher power. It is time we come together as pastors, ministers, rabbis and others to stop these acts of violence. It is my belief this is just the beginning of many more to come. What can we do as a community to stop this from happening again? What part are you playing as a believer of faith? I believe we can come together and bring light to these acts of violence and bring awareness to each. Are you talking about it in your church? Please take the time to share your thoughts with all of us? I look forward to hearing from you on this Topic. Please feel free to also contact me directly to speak about it!
  8. Hello to you Pastor Ben! It would be nice to write a short Bio letting people know who you are? We would love to get to know you! Blessings to you and your Family on this Sunday! Pastor Mike
  9. It’s seems like you are not the only one who is having issues with logging it. I tried to log in with my user name and password also. When I do it tells me my user name or password is incorrect. But when I log in with my mobile phone it works? Just do not understand it!
  10. Good Greetings to each of you. May your day be filled with much happiness and faith. Over the past couple of times I have come here to read some post each of us write. This morning I would like to touch on a subject of Negative Thoughts and Expression. It is my belief we all have something to offer each on this forum. With so much Negativity in world over the most foolish things. Why not come together and stand together in this human life we live. Let us build on the fundamentals each have to offer? Let us start today by building on the faith of each faith and most importantly each other?
  11. I agree with you! We have complete control over ourselves and only that. Although they are people who seem to forget this simple fact. We are powerless over one’s actions and thoughts. However, we are in total control over our own actions and thoughts and this is the key in which we have total control of. Now if we would only come together as one and share this journey we walk in this human life. We have so much to offer each other if we just put aside the negative and build on the positive effects we can over each other. And this is the begin right here and now. Remember we are only here on this human world for a short period of time. How do you choose to make a difference?
  12. Thank you so much for the kind words. I am open minded person and God Worthy of believing people have a purpose in this human life. Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and perceptions. I might not agree with them but listen to what it is they try to convey. Although it might not be easy at time. It is my belief they will find their way. I also believe we are not placed on this human world or this forum to knock people down. We are here to build on each other. As for the knocking down it is something I totally disagree with it. Why would one knock another when chances are they really do not know each other. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other as we enter into this journey of faith. We could build and learn from each as to what works and doesn’t? Once again please feel free to contact me directly and I look forward to hearing from you. Mikec3174@outlook.com
  13. Thank you all who have taken the time to read my message. This has been a journey in many ways. Taking the time to understand one’s needs. On a daily basis I offer kind words of Faith, Good Will and Wisdom most importantly. As pastors we are met with many obstacles in ones life. Not know upfront as to what a person is dealing with until we as pastors listen carefully and truly understand what it is they are trying to convey. Each time I come into contact with a person or family dealing with a crisis it is important to understand what he or she is dealing with in order to provide better ways to deal with the issues at hand. My journey in Christ has offered me a chance to make a better impact one ones life. To ensure I am giving the best possible advice I can humanly offer to them. Many times it is our job as pastors we deal with stressful issues that arise and happen at a moment’s time. How do you deal with these crises? What tools do you use? It is a blessing to share with each of us as pastors to educate and assist others in our walk of faith. Please take the time to comment, share and grow each other as a true walk in faith.
  14. Good Morning, My Name is Pastor Mike and I live in the New Bedford, MA area and serving the people in need of spiritual faith. I specialize in dealing with Depression, Loss of Faith, Guidance in Christ, Weddings, General Services and Most Important Death. I visit many hospitals where people are preparing to cross over to our Heavenly Father. This is where most of my time is spent. I was told from my mother and others as a child that I would become a pastor and never understood why they would tell me this all the time. Although I never understood why strangers I came into contact with also would ask if I was a pastor too? As I said stilling not understanding why this question was often asked growing up now as a pastor I understand why they did. The spirit was calling me and I was to young to understand it and as I grew older I would avoid it. After years of practicing my path to the spiritual faith I soon discovered this was the calling I was meant to serve. I have been serving the Lord since I was a child and it grew stronger and stronger as I grew older. With all the things taking place in this human world and as some of the main events took place and I happened to witness them or be present at them I soon discovered this is what I was choose to do. I was a witness to the September 11, 2001 attack on our country. I was in New York City on this day eating breakfast at a diner when all hell broke out. As people panicked I immediately jumped into action. Calming strangers offering words of wisdom and guidance in anyway Possible. I was asked by the local law enforcement to help out as I did. I stood in New York for an extra 7 plus days assisting in all areas of need. Continuing on in life as a calling to accidents, fires and other human life obstacles is where I happened to be. More and more I discovered this is the calling Jesus has set in place for me to serve. I believe I’m Blessed and guided from our Heavenly Father to serve the people in need in this area of need. As I continued on my path in this area I soon learned there was another calling and not many pastors were available or directed into the path of death. For whatever reason it is nor my understanding as to why? I continued to focus in on it only to serve as needed in this area as I currently do. I find the hardest part is not dealing with the person preparing to leave this human life but the family members who fight while this is taking place. To me it is a Special time of calling and I feel I am blessed to serve. If you should have any questions regarding this area of guidance please feel free to contact me with any and all questions? My email is Mikec3174@outlook.com Have Blessed and Wonderful Day as we all continue our walk in faith on our journey to serve our Lord Jesus Christ today and Everyday Forward!
  15. Dear Ofoun; 

    I am here in Boston, MA and would love the opportunity to branch out to a third world country to teach the word of God. 

    However, funding is an issue I have yet to cross. Please give me details relating to your thoughts? 


    Brothers in Christ, 


    Rev. MikeC.

  16. As I walk through this human life I have tried to bless each person I come into contact with each day. Sometimes people are dealing with an issue that needs personal attention and they have no way to turn or have someone to listen to them. I try to be that ear to lean on. Just be there and listen to them. This is something I find people need more of in this human life. I spend many hours in the hospitals with people who are entering into their final days on this human life and no one there with them. Some are scared of the unknown and others are ready to go. Some not sure of where they will go. Heaven or Hell? Then the family members who are experiencing an unknown of there own? Some offer plenty of Love, while others begin to fight over the human things. This is where I have found my calling to serve the Lord My God. I offer kind words of wisdom. Assuring them that God Loves Them no matter what it is they have done good or bad. I try to get them to see the good in themselves. And as for the chosen ones who begin their path to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is something we all seek in the end. I pray each will find their way and never have to suffer again. May God Guide me into the path of the unknown, May He Give Me Guidance when walking into the paths of of so many. May he touch Me with the gifts of comfort to guide each person I come into contact with in Jesus Name I Pray, Amen!