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Orange, red and green,

Hang waving in unison,

Before the blue sky.

Bright and beautiful,

Crisp, clean, breezes blowing south,

Cat upon the fence.

Glory today shows,

Creator's magical gift,

Wish it would remain.

Blessings of Peace,


Just such a beautiful, wonderful day outside of those days that define "Fall". I'm probably not getting much better at haiku, even after reading a couple of e-books (thank you on the theory and process. So much I don't understand about it! I'd do better at drawing or painting a picture of it, but who knows...enough practice I might get it right one of these times, yes? :unsure:

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Unknown, yet despised

hated just for being me

yet we never met

reject in your eyes

standards you call purity

imposed on those you choose

killed before I lived

at least within a mind closed down

to offers of friendship

you say you do not kill

worse: you only wish me dead

unfit by your rules.

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