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  • 2 weeks later...

snow drifts on the fence

patterns tripping down the slope

rabbits visit here

a dead cherry tree

draped with snow and pogonip

robins still find rest

{pogonip is frozen ice, more delicate than icycles, caused by freezing fog.}

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~ OK! :dirol:

yes I play with friends

late at night with smokes and beer

on my computer

simply enjoying

conversation and debate

so I stay up late


~ turn {Just one for you :wub:}

falling too swiftly

catching every branch there is

landing is a bitch


... Just a thought Hon!

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~ A request for love poetry?

{I do so enjoy requests! Tho' you've gotten such wonderful stuff already... :biggrinthumb:}

I have found my life

With your love I am complete

Forever as one

Hmmm... You perhaps want rhyming stuff?

I have found my love

The one that fits like a glove

Forever and ever my gift from above!

... & then ya write a bit like 'Forever, Snookums' or whatever your personal stuff is...

{Ya gotta make it personal.}

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the effect of your wiles

as our two souls dance

I am struck as dumb

thoughts of you wash over me

instantly at peace

The yin to my yang

Your the Jane to my Tarzan

A natural fit

As the years tick by

and as our bonds are strengthened

we are closer still

I savor each breath

as you lay here next to me

In peaceful slumber


of the day that we first met

and locked our gaze

With breakfast in bed

and massaging of your feet

I love pleasing you

Once again I'll ask

Will you be my Valentine

to my better half

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~ :rofl:

Rainbow does magic!

iambic pentameter

in a haiku poem


{OK, yeah, I did cheat & do cheap... }

Ah jeesh, my teacher

would frown and disown this

as not true haiku

perhaps senryu?

nope, I'm off the beaten path

he'd say I'm lost

haiku's really hard

when you stay to the order!

I enjoy this form :yahoo:

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