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Now I'll try Haiku,

To some lowly degree write,

What I've learned so far.

It seems magical now,

What can be said so shortly.

Blessings of thinking.

Make the words counted,

Brings thought to babbling rambling,

Short, sweet, to the point.

Qryos...your Haiku's are marvelous. No wonder you post the way you're use to thinking, not just writing, like some of us (ah-hem > ME!) :unsure: do!

Is it okay if I copy/paste to my collection some of your works? Some of those by SifuPhil are wonderful as are "Dabbles" and several others. Don't worry, none that I c/p are going anywhere except my personal collection. Oh, and thanks Murph for your entry...waaaay back..I never really understood Haiku before reading your short, simple explanation "Five syllables here..."

Blessings of Peace to all,

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~ Wonderful simple words are still read & enjoyed tho' huh Murphly-poo? :unsure:

Actually, the 5-7-5 syllabic count of haiku is considered 'american haiku'. Japanese haiku is not syllable constrained, it's constrained by imagery... I find it harder & so more fascinating ;)

Two images like snap-shots, just the image, no emotion { emotional short poetry is senryu } , that's why the middle line is longer, to join two images in as few words as possible. Japanese haiku also never rhymes, which evidently is very difficult since a lot of japanese words do.

{ Not a problem for me, I don't do the japanese language, so...}

An example of one of my japanese-style haiku;

rain drops

down a dark branch

broken reflection

A senryu;

a veil of tears

keeps me from seeing

your footprints

~ No capitalization or such... Originally haiku was graffiti written by lonely monks :lol:

It's been categorized & all of course in the last 3000 yrs, but I just love the conciseness & beauty to congeal an image in as few words as possible.

& of course you can enjoy anything I've written in any way you want! They're only words :coffee:

I love studying poetry...

How about a Tanka? It is syllabic, 5-7-5-7-7, emotional, personal.

Only the wind sings

Now that the house is empty.

The birds have all flown

Far away with the summer.

I am left behind wingless.

... A hard one that. 3 separate thoughts must be tied together, each on it's own a complete thing, matching the syllable count of 5-7, 5-7, 7 :rolleyes:

:lol: That'll keep ya busy for a while!

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Too cool and thanks for the lesson, but due to what I looked at here and internet I guess this long one below isn't any particular "style" or "type", rather an abomination to "haiku"... :unsure: ... too long if haiku is suppose to be just one paragraph or is there differences? All the one's I read were either one or two paragraphs, except one example from like 840 CE that was five parag. long.?

I've never been a poet, that I know,

Always been fascinated, how words flow.

Some rhyme, others don't,

Stop me?, nah, it won't!


sun breaks over hills,

dew drops sparkle upon tree's limb,

shadows stretch upon fields.

birds take flight o'er head,

breeze gently bends grasses blade,

sit, watch, contemplate.

mind's eye sees many things,

listen, absorb, take them in,

the unseen visions.

then warrior's call,

silence broken from afar,

wings, talons, earth bound.

sustenance for one,

loneliness for the other,

is only nature's way.

unseen visuals,

regain prominence again,

thoughts from life's journey.

sun high overhead,

kettle, flame, gentle roiling,

senses alive, savor.

mind's eye again drifts,

past, now, future unravels,

deeply from within.

mistakes, successes,

paths taken, those lost to whim,

intellectual voice.

sun fades over hill,

shadows lengthening again,

moon rise, darkness falls.

home, sanctuary,

creative actions to take,

on 'morrows dreaming.

I basically rewrote a poem I wrote 11 years ago into the "American haiku" style as the original is just poetic notes from a day deciding whether to go join Kay on Maui, or stay in Humboldt...was a difficult day of thinking at that time.

Blessings of Peace,


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Part 1

kitten prowls so big

thinks she is a tiger now

brother just watches

Part 2

cat watches silent

then rolls over laughing loud

kittens are funny

Part 3

pounces, jumps and springs

kitten paw slaps uncle moke

brother just watches

Part 4

now run away all

separate corners to sit

contemplating moves

Part 5

pounces, jumps and springs

all three piled on other two

twenty paws flailing

From the events of this morning just as I clicked in to see what was happening here! They are now all perched in their respective spots and settling down for naps....They not "Cats", they "Spoileds"!

two above left right

one on floor licking grandly

two below left right

Blessings of Peace,

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