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five syllables here

seven on the second line

once again, five more

now you know haiku

where's Sotik and Heaven at?

They rock at this stuff.

Sotik's going out.

Save the world from evil guys.

He will not respond.

Heaven isn't here.

Once in a blue moon, she comes.

Maybe she'll pop in.

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Guest SifuPhil

Maybe the old bum

Is but a shadow of youth

And stayed at that place.

Memories come back

Flooding his stuporous head

Ah! The good old days.

Now he shuffles past

And a tear forms in his eye.

So many years, gone...

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Guest SifuPhil

Like the spider's silk,

Our love hangs by a thin thread

Disappears in dew.

Like the spider's legs,

Mine are spindly and fragile

Too weak to climb up.

Like the spider's heart,

I seek only food and warmth

but settle for love.

But just as I eat,

I'm caught by a hungry bird -

(sigh) - life is like that.

I should have sought love

Instead of that juicy fly.

I'd still be here now.

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Guest astroboy69

actually it's warmed up a bit to a balmy -14 degrees celcius

I wait for whiskey

Yet here still not arriving

No love for me shown

Cowgirl no haiku

Me thinks she should try it out

Come on Connie try

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Guest SifuPhil

Listening to jazz

As I try to write haiku.

Sax is way too loud.

Try some new-age stuff...

Ah, refreshment for my soul.

Damn! I fell asleep.

It's rap! Yo Mama!

Drink and cuss, make a big fuss.

Naw - change the channel.

It's Mozart's birthday.

Classical might help me write.

Pachabel's Canon.

One I haven't tried.

Turn the damn radio off.

Words flow like sweet wine.

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Guest SifuPhil

You fell for my mask.

Didn't see the real man there.


Pulled the mask aside,

And you looked at me and said,

"That's not who I love".

Seven hundred days

died, and then you thought to say,

"It's YOU that I love".

Now my pile of masks

Sits at curbside - so much junk.

Won't wear them again.

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