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  1. Its not irony, but non the less, I'm done with this discussion. Our debate is becoming more hateful than the statement itself.
  2. Aaaaaaa, no! Where is this irony you speak of? The irony with Hitchens was that he was quited by a God he did not believe in and spoke negatively against. The two are not the same.
  3. Was the statement mean? Yes, it was, but that doesn't mean it wasn't funny. Sarcasm can be both funny and hurtful. It depends on the perception of the listener. Hitchens was an atheist that made a career from speaking against religious belief. His words were often seen as attacks against both god and believers. So for someone to claim god, which Hitchens did not believe in, quieted Hitchens by giving him cancer in that one area his speech originates, would be ironic if you think about it. That is what makes it funny.
  4. I think some on this post are taking things way to personal. What was so vicious? All Rev said was he thought the statement was funny. He didn't personally attack anyone.
  5. It is pretty easy to tell if someone is your friend or not. Sincerity can only be faked for so long. I agree with Rev V's list of qualities. I also agree that people that do not possess them need to be discarded. Sophia and Rev V, its time to put out the trash. Those people have far exceeded their expiration dates.
  6. What is your favorite religious text? Be specific. Mine is the Epic of Gilgamesh.
  7. I agree Rev V. Atheists try to use the freedom of religion to get rid of all religion. That was not the founding fathers intended purpose. As far as we know the majority of the founding fathers were all religious. Atheists fail to realize when they force atheism on people it becomes a religion itself.
  8. Hey Rev V. I was very impressed with your response. I like your open minded approach. I wish more people could think that way. It seems too many people believe things without researching them first. For many their faith is blind. I am looking forward to reading more of your responses.
  9. I believe in reincarnation. I believe it is the natural order of things.
  10. Welcome to our family of friends. We're glad you could joins us! Regardless if you are well established in a traditional religious path or struggling to find something less mainstream, we're sure you'll find what you seek here. We are a “blended family” of all Beliefs, all Faiths and all manners of seeking Truth. Thanks for sharing your views elsewhere in the forum! Blessings of Peace, Al

  11. Greetings samtttl. I am a pantheist. Pantheists are persons who derive their fundamental religious experience through their personal relationship with the Universe. They feel that Nature is the ultimate context for human existence, and seek to improve their relationship with the natural world as their fundamental religious responsibility. Pantheists see their personal religion as a system of reverent behavior toward the Earth rather than subscription to a particular creed. Because Pantheists identify God with Nature rather than an anthropomorphic being, Pantheists oppose the arrogant world-view of anthropocentrism. information taken from the Universal Pantheist Society website