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  1. Paul : Apostle of Jesus or Corrupter of his teachings ? I'm just curious to find out what everyone thinks of him I have my own opinions but whats your ?
  2. i just wanna say as a Universalist i respect all faiths religions and creeds, rather you monothiest , polytheist , or nontheist it matters not to me , the poems is mostly toward believers of god/gods but again i mean no disrespect to athiest and agnostice i respect you all to.
  3. I look to the stars and see God, I look to the earth and see God, I look to the waters and see God, I look to the wolves, the eagles and see God, I look to the words and see God, I look to the east and see God, I look to the west and see God, Look and see God
  4. thanks to both you guys Mark and Atwater
  5. so i could perform a marriage right now without even going to the clerk ? just filled out the marriages papers what not and mail it at the approbriate time is that it as far as Wayne County goes or am i missing something ? sorry for all the questions just making sure im not mis understanding somthing dont wanna mess up and do somthing wrong you know
  6. thanks mark for the reply , was wondering do you know if i have to register in Wayne County Clerk or not , will try and find out myself but if you can answer would also be apprecited so i know what to expect you know , thanks again for response Jd
  7. can anybody tell me the policy of online ordinations in Wayne County Michigan , i heard that some counties dont reconized it is ULC ordination valid and legal in Wayne County if so do you need to register with the county or anything thanks to all answers in advance. JD
  8. im not catholic in the sense that im confermed or raised catholic or what not but i do believe and practice some of the catholic teachings i believe in the truth of all religions
  9. actually its one i wrote myself Fawzo
  10. first sorry its took me so long to reply as im using computer at library and can always get on it , also to answer Fawzo questions , mary can be both the mother of Soorows and Joy , as in her sorrows as in losings her son and watching happen under her eyes , and mother of joy because with the sorrows also came joy because throu his death there was life to humanity , so she is both mother of sorrows and mother of joy , is that answers your question or makes any sense as im not that best at explaining this. Newt
  11. Mother Mary , Mother of Sorrows I pray soon for brighter tommorows Mother of Mercy , Mother of Love Shower me with blessings from above Mother of Joy Mother of Grace Show me the mercies of Thy Face Blessed Mother Mary , Mother of Love Shower me with Blessings from above