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  1. My son has identified as an atheist and he has asked me what he should do when someone asks the common retort, "Why don't you believe in god". I ask him to evaluate the person he is talking to. Are they someone he can have an honest conversation with, or is this someone who is offended by your atheism and who isn't willing to have a discussion but rather wants to convert you. If it is the latter, I advise him to smile and simply disengage with the conversation as politely as possible. If it is the former, which it rarely is, have a conversation and learn why the person believes they way they do. Its a good way to simply learn about people and perhaps they can apply critical thinking and reason to their belief system which would make for a great conversation.
  2. Reasonable evidence? If by that we mean evidence that withstand scientific scrutiny? No, nothing I have seen fits that bill, but I have seen a lot. I'm not a professional ghost hunter by any means, but in my youth I was certainly interested in paranormal activities. It stemmed from an attempt to prove that my father still existed on some level after his death, but it grew to be an obsession that occupied much of my time. I temper my experiences during that period of my life with the understanding that I "wanted" to have an experience. My partner was a skeptic and he didn't experience the same things I did even though we were always right next to each other. Until one day he had an experience that sent him running out of the building we were in and running from paranormal investigation forever. Unfortunately I didn't feel or see what he did, but I know it was a very real and raw experience. We have no reasonable evidence, but we know that paranormal activities exist.
  3. Technology has made the world smaller concerning communications, but as we gained the convenience of social media we sacrificed the requirement of basic human interaction. We type 140 characters on twitter, or post a cute picture on Instagram, or share a really awesome meme on facebook, and we think we are interacting. It is a type of communication but it is not an interaction. One is unable to share some of the vital elements that make us human through the internet such as body language, tone of voice or facial changes to name just a few elements. We try to substitute emoticons for that lack of tone, but it is a poor replacement. The result is a dialogue that is too effortless, too cold, to allow for the niceties that we require when we are face to face. Anonymity is also a factor, but it just adds to overall disconnect that the internet has created for humanity. The question I have is if we can sacrifice the convenience of social media in order to regain the connections we all so desire from our fellow humans.
  4. Coohand, I totally feel where your are coming from (I think). Ministry should fill us up, not make us fed up. Unfortunately I have experienced similar instances where volunteering my time became less of a calling and more of a job.
  5. I'm sorry it has taken me this long to post on this thread, but my prayers, thoughts and energies are directed toward you and your wife.
  6. This guys following is huge. I loved watching him! He seems tailor made for Vegas, but that's just my opinion.
  7. Murph, I applaud you for taking the first step to quit, as that is often the hardest. And quitting any addiction is a tough, soul wrenching process, and cigs are the worst. Nicotine is very addictive, but it certainly assures a loyal client base. Quitting is possible, my brother smoked for ten years before going through a program. He hasn't lit up in over five years! It is possible, and you CAN do it!
  8. My goodness Fawzo, you have my condolences. My thoughts are with him, and with you as well. My Dad passed away at 55 from a massive heart attack. Different circumstances, but if you would like to talk about it, let me know.
  9. I absolutely allow my kids to dress up. My son just bought a Spiderman suit, and my daughter will be a ballerina. Halloween is a HUGE deal in our house. We buy a bunch of pumpkins and have a Jack O'Lantern carving party with the neighbors; we have a mini haunted house in our basement; we dress our shih-tzu's up as little devils (my wife thinks it is cute); all in all, we have a blast. This Sunday, our UU Church will be discussing Samhain with a bunch of activities for the kiddos. As a parent, I celebrate every holiday that I can with vigor. I think it is important to give your munchkins as many magical moments as possible, before they get too old and are too cool for all the hooplah.
  10. Zen, and the art of internet surfing...

  11. I don't expect to dislike any of the movies I go to, I expect them all to be wonderful. And then I am either utterly disappointed or elated when I leave the theater.
  12. CWG inspired my spiritual awakening. The CWG series and Walsh's ReCreate organization are part of what I consider "modern gnostic" belief. As Jim and Fawzo had mentioned, CWG is part of a series of books that reveal similar truths, and can help to bring us closer to Gnosis/Enlightenment/Christ.
  13. A New Earth has been out a while. I guess Oprah got to it a bit late. Better late than never. I liked A New Earth, but The Power of Now is phenomenal. For me it was life altering, but I don't expect everyone to have this experience. My wife can't finish The Power of Now or A New Earth as they bore her silly. Ah, to each his, or her, own.
  14. Not the old way, but a new way of approaching gnosis/enlightenment, learning from the past, but staying firmly rooted in the Now and paying just as close attention to the scriptures that are being written and experienced in the present. Enlightenment and awakening did not end with the modern era, we can still achieve this state of being now. Gnosticology is a study in that journey in the modern era, and a celebration of the human spirit.
  15. The main belief in Gnosticology is in enlightenment, and the journey towards enlightenment for humanity. Take a look at my Website where I try to explain it more fully.
  16. Hey, I created my own religion! It was easy. I just said this is my religion, wrote a few words on my belief, met a couple of people who had similar views, and voila, Gnosticology was born! I dare say that even if it was just me, it would still be my religion. But if you're asking about how to get members and such, I don't know, mainly because I am going by the Field of Dreams mantra: if you build it, they will come. Currently, my religion is mine and a few others, and it may stay that way for perpetuity, which is fine by me.
  17. ...the enraged mom takes her prized Vera Wang bag, filled to the brim with Oreo cookies that she was going to eat later that evening while watching Biggest Loser wondering why she is 100 pounds overwight, and she proceeds to thump the man about the head continuously for a full minute. With cookies flying everywhere and the kids crying at the sight of the mother at this level of rage...
  18. Jack Nicholson played a demon, but I'm not sure he was the devil.
  19. Anyone will do anything they want to themselves, laws be damned. Should they? Why not, it is their body to destroy or exhault. As mine is for me...
  20. Metal, rap, Classic Rock, Jazz, some Blues, and some Country.