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    guitars, motorcycles, rottwiellers (shadow & jack), my wife (doris), "Hippy-Gypsys", avoiding the subject, whole-hearted attempts to make people smile (or at least feel good, depending upon their gender), life is usually interesting, intellectual exploration, illuminating any and/or every dark corner in my round-a-bout mind, dhis, dhat, and dhe udder ting...Gods, Angels, Demons, Devils, Saviors, Sinners, the accused innocents, the innocently accused, the meek and the wild, the sharp and the mild, sunshine, moonshine, looong summer days, warm winter nights, me and you, and me and you and you are interesting to me...and you?
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  1. ...and mumbled something under his breath about a "barbituate"... and how everyone would soon be in deep sleep...a veeery deeeeep sleeeep...
  2. Im not sure if this has been here before or not...either way some words have changed...I think its better...? FOR DORIS: REMEMBER Know Me I See Flowers in The Sunshine and Rainbows 'round The Moon I hear Laughter in The Forest and Love in every Tune I heard Nature as a Child as It called from Far Beyond Now we have just grown wild and we sing a different song Feel Me I want to stop you where youre standing and take you by the hand We'll reach through Time Forgotten to a Not So Foriegn land Do you remember what you Dreamed for? And the worlds you tried to make? Your Dreams are still Foundations though theyre drifting in your wake Hear Me Dreams are not forgotten though sometimes They will rust and Hope is often tarnished when It is hidden in the dust But Wonder is a Diamond and Faith an uncut stone that has fallen from your pockets as you walked away from Home See Me These were Treasures found by Children once so long ago Now Theyre cast about in shadows by you who begged for 'growth' But Wonder is a Diamond and Faith an uncut stone and Dreams are not forgotten when tarnished Hope is shone So lets stop here where we're standing and LOVE with ALL we can to raise the NATURE of the Child to become The Love Of Man. PEACE ------------------------------------------- ©1995-2008AT8FATES Happy Easter
  3. ... ...And then the Summer comes Dressed in Winter Memories of Frozen Flesh that never Warms... In the Summer Sun. Silence Dies by Daily Drowning In the icy ponds of Summer Love. I Awaken tanned and blistered... Hide Shrouded in the Shivered chill The Shadow of Summer Heat Shimmering still and Lifeless Out In the Summer Street Dry The Frozen Wasted-Land. Splash into the flowing sands Diluted waves of river sand An empty dream Trade for a drink... ©2008AT8FATES
  4. lol yeah hes got a pretty heavy accent... Im not sure how well my wife is taking it either... eventually though, eventually...
  5. Hes a very eloquent speaker too, check it out! and, hows it going fawzo? been a few...
  6. Anybody following this? Acouple of weeks ago a friend of mine (hi kathie!), offered to send me a new book if i promised to read it. "Sure." i said. Then she went on to tell me about this huge on line discussion that would be taking place with "class" every monday for 10 weeks (starting yesterday) on Well, right away the "O"- word had me skeptical about the whole thing so I decided not to even open the book at that point, but, I choked on it and watched the "class" to find out if this guy and 700,000 other people were really serious about the whole thing. So now i gotta tell ya, man, this guy is cool. Without actually coming out and saying it, his principles and "ideas" pretty much mirror (so far) the whole concept that I had of the ULC. and needless to say, most of my own philosiphy and reasoning for joining this fine organization to begin with. So i guess i will read the book now. From what i gather after seeing the broadcast is that it may be a bit of a benefit to be able to share thoughts and opinions about this book in a more "personable" setting than 700,000 people in classroom the size of Earth, so, if anyone else is reading or has read this book and would like to form a "discussion cell", lets do it...Im in. This is the same guy who wrote "The Power Of Now" about 13 years ago if that means anything to ya. Anyway, this book again is called "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle, and promises to be fascinating. Check it out on monday nights (and you can still see last nights broadcast on, too!) ps. And even though im sure she trying to fill me full ah er trying to pull my leg a couple of times, Oprah was surprisingly simple to get along with also... Cool. Good Luck and Roses. AT8FATES
  7. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! :)

  8. Hey! how are ya?

    Ijust stopping by to say hi!




  9. THE GREAAT wombat combat and koala lua lua...barbque where the tug of war between