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    I love the outdoors all nature, spiritual beings, my living familiars and my spiritual ones. My nose is always stick in a book... at least during the day. I enjoy going to school. <br /><br />I love to be a part of ritual holidays. Writing, acting guided meditations. Spending time with my sisters, spiritually and otherwise. Being ordained was always a desire of mine on my ultimate path of the priestess.
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    Life, the Universe and Everything.

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  1. bonjour un petit coucou de France

  2. I loved these books. The only Sci Fi I've really gotten into. My favorite books of all time are The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and The Belgariad by Davis Eddings. Fully recommended!
  3. by Neale Donald Walsch. Has anyone read it? I recommend it to anyone really. It brings God to our level and I believe us to God's level. Those who have read it, what are your thoughts. Let's discuss.