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  1. I plan to come back when I can try to Put what I think into words, love all.
  2. A good Judgement, I wish they would turn 'ultra screaming gay for a week'
  3. Hello SB, long time since I've been here, how's the ulc world?

  4. is still alive and still looking for the one, actually found him and he ran screaming, lol, He's afraid of my age?

    1. RevTom


      Hi-just saw you perusing the illegal aliens post

    2. Pegasuss


      lol, haven't been on in a long time, the topic interest me, with living in a sanctuary city.

  5. Note: From thread, (Replying to Just Another Opinion)If a god does exist I believe this to be so. Truth comes in many colors, shapes and sizes. Facing my truth of being homosexual and accepting myself brought me the wonder of a near perfect loving 31 year relationship that couldn't be bought for all the money that exist, and it was till death did we part!. Pegasuss
  6. LO, it comes with time, time does heal all wounds, time is so dreadfully slow when it comes to love or as I surmise from your post, love lost. One day it will sneak up on you and you'll notice that you're thinking of and planning something future tense and looking forward to it. At fist thought you might feel that you're cheating yourself, your past, your pain, your hurt, but you'll also understand that you're changing in a forward direction. imho I view it as a bridge and that would be the halfway point, the peak, from experience it's downhill from there and gets better as time goes on. I'm not just posting here, I speak from experience. What I lost will be and can be never replaced, but has become part of me and who I am. What my future holds no one knows but I'm ready willing and able to head down this new unknown and sometimes scary path. I wish you the best! Pegasuss
  7. Is this Panatheism? or a def. of it? Pegasuss
  8. good answer Ah yes the wise invincible years. I feel younger now at 57 than I have ever felt, My friends are generally 1/2 my age, so I say it is relative. Wise I cant answer, I know some young ones who have the wisdom of hundreds of years and some older who are most defiantly un-wise. Again relative to the person. Pegasuss
  9. Wow, I Relate. In an instant the universe changes. Good writing conveys emotion.
  10. Thank You, Sky! now where's that R.E.M. song "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine" all joking aside, this is the first time I've been worried.
  11. You're a good man RevRainbow, do not slight yourself. You were there for me when I needed an answer to something posted. You were one of many who helped in my darkest hours, Keep up the good work, do not change, you inspire others. I see no need for your apology, as you are a refreshing light to many.
  12. WOW! THANKS! Listened to both, I had forgotten my hendrix, and zeppelin, but still have most all the #1, pf - comfortably numb music is valuable to me, almost spritural. have always said I'm gonna miss music the most. pegasuss