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    Pontiac Il. USA

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    Teaching Wicca 101 in my home <br />celtic lore<br />my music : mostly country(yeah yeah I know ) and celtic<br />spellwork candle magic
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    Cahier at our local Wendy's
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  1. Your presence blesses me greatly. Keep shining sweet sister. Shine on.

    Blessed be your efforts. Kat

  2. I Love your posts and I'm always blessed by your words. May all your works be blessed. Kat

  3. It never fails to amaze me how many things could in fact unify this closeminded world if we as a people could look past what most people see as differences. These differences are there to show us how vast our concepts of the Divine can be. Instead of seeing them as stumbling blocks why not use them as stepping stones to lift us higher? I love the idea that the Divine is also very human and can love, hurt , and understand us. If this is true, then consider that the way we know someone and the name we know them by may be different form others but dosen't change who and what that someone is. This is part of what makes the world and it's people beatiful reflections of their Divine Makers.
  4. Thank you for including the pagan communties! I Myself have just recently been ordained but have been a practicing "Pagan" for aver 12 years Let me know if you need any help Always in thier service Kattaluna