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  1. Thanks for the response. I do live in the state so will not require sponsorship. I also verified with the clerk of courts after a few more calls that this is indeed correct and registration is no longer required. The website info must be a bit dated. Ah well, thanks again for the response!
  2. Hello there everyone, I have decided to take the plunge into officiating some weddings this summer at the request of many groups of friends who want me to marry them. Upon researching the marriage laws here on the sticky threads and speaking with my local and unhelpful clerk of courts I have come to the conclusion that Wisconsin has somewhat recently changed their marriage laws. It seems as though one no longer needs to register with the clerk of courts before hand in order to prove ordination credentials. The officiant need only be ordained or licensed to officiate marriages. My question is, does anyone have any empirical evidence to support this claim? My county clerk of courts had no idea what I was talking about when I requested information on registering my ordination credentials. I am inclined to believe this is because the law no longer requires it. I did find this information from a website regarding general clergy and state marriage laws. but I can be sure of the validity of it. I am just wondering if any of my fellow Wisconsin clergy might have some first hand information. Any help would be much appreciated. If it is the case that the law has changed I might suggest that the website be updated in order to reflect these changes and to avoid further confusion.