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  1. I agree that this is more of a sermon than a simple post. As for the book itself, I found it full of old and ideas and hard to follow at times.
  2. Moving to a large Victorian House. Last sign-on before the computer is packed.

  3. Albeit a little belated, "Happy Birthday."
  4. Interesting that someone over there is happy to be rid of us...
  5. Follow-up: The minister who requested sponsorship is also an attorney in Illinois. He agreed that the clerk didn't really have the right to withold the license, but did not want to hold the couple's wedding as a "hostage" in the legal process. The "hard copy" had been mailed, as usual, to the minister, but there was a "time crunch." The sponsorship letter was faxed to the minister, who then faxed it to the clerks. As a sponsor, I do not want to become an intermediary among ministers, clerks, and couples. My results of my call to the clerk's office was very unsatisfactory. The two function
  6. I just wrote a very detailed reply about the latest from the Walworth County Clerk. It suddenly disappeared when I clicked to add it. I can't seem to retrieve it. Is it gone forever?
  7. I plan to do that. I wrote my original post over the weekend when the clerks office was closed. I will keep the forum updated.
  8. In the past nine days, I have received two calls regarding the Walworth County Clerk here in Wisconsin. She seems to be making her own laws when it comes to sponsorship of out-of-state ministers. In both cases, she failed to issue the license to the bride and groom because a letter of sponsorship for the minister was not submitted with their application. Background: The statute states that the minister must possess a letter of sponsorship at the time of the wedding. The sposorship must be from a resident of Wisconsin who is a minister of the same denomination. The statute says nothing abou
  9. Although it would not be difficult to take the certificate to the courthouse in person, the members of our fledgling ministry prefer to send the completed marriage license/certificate by mail with a return receipt. A certificate delivered in person might get shuffled under a stack of papers and forgotten. The same might happen to a mailed certificate, but at least we have a receipt that the mail was sent to the clerk. My daughter, Rev. Cole, was recently married by a ULC minister. The completed certificate was mailed with the return receipt coming to the ministry. I believe that my daugh
  10. I agree with Kokigami. If you are performing the wedding as ordained clergy of the ULC, one of us Wisconsinites may be able to write a letter of sponorship. I have written some letters; I believe Kokigami has written more. It doesn't matter if your personal beliefs are different from mine because we both fall under the umbrella of the ULC in Modesto. If none of the clergy in your local church are residents of Wisconsin, going with the national church is probably your best bet. Hope this helps.
  11. May I add my own "Happy Birthdays" to those of Rev Ed.
  12. Rev. Lida Hensley was appreciated by far more people than she will ever know. My thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends, and employees. She will be missed.