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  1. ULC is an accredited religious organization. Your ordination certificate should be sufficient if they require credentials. If your state requires more formal documentation I believe that is available from the ULC website.
  2. After a few tense days followed by over a week of steady progress, I am pleased to report that the boy is doing much better and is now home. Thank you everyone for their thoughts and prayers.
  3. Full contact origami. That is funny..

  4. I know there are many fine folks on this forums regardless of their philosophical differences. Our newest grandson was born Nov 2 2009 some weeks premature. It was determined within hours of his birth that he contracted pneumonia, suffers from PDA, and jaundice. He was immediately transported to the neonatal care unit at MUSC here in SC. He is on a ventilator and antibiotics for the pneumonia and underdeveloped lungs, undergoing phototherapy for the jaundice, and may need a heart surgery procedure if the PDA doesn't heal normally. He has steadily improved but is not out the woods yet. MUSC is
  5. Before I do a wedding ceremony I have a consultation with the couple. Sometimes more than one if they need/seek premarital counseling. The practice ceremony (if they have one) usually works out most of the kinks. Some of the questions I ask are: What type of ceremony do you think you want? Traditional or other? You can find traditional vows, ceremonies, online or you can get a book with various ceremony styles from any decent book store etc. If Other: Do you have an idea of what style/faith/belief/special requests might they have. The most common I run into is they want to write their own vo
  6. Happy Halloween.. living out in the boonies, the only kids I get are usually the grandkids... So I get the candy they don't