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  1. Rev Scott, Dorian, Rev Do - THANK you ALL for your replies - Certainly clears up my misunderstanding of the text as well as how it relates to my questions!! In Peace, Love, and yes, FAITH! Dakini
  2. This is for the state of Connecticut, but I saw online that many states have the same wording in their statutes. I have two questions: 1. Would anyone tell me what this means: "accredited by the religious body" 2. Is Universal Life Church considered "accredited by the religious body?" I am planning to do Pastoral Counseling. I just got my certificate in Pastoral Counseling, after getting a Master's degree in Clinical Counseling. One can offer Pastoral Counseling w/o a license in Connecticut with ordination, but one must adhere to specific rules, like: © No license as a professional counselor shall be required of the following: 2) a clergyman, priest, minister, rabbi or practitioner of any religious denomination accredited by the religious body to which the person belongs and settled in the work of the ministry, provided the activities that would otherwise require a license as a professional counselor are within the scope of ministerial duties; Here is the link to the longer statute. Any help to clear this up would be much appreciated. If ULC is "accredited," it might help to have this stated on the website. Thanks!