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  1. well dan, it is nice of you to think so,but being a mod has some other responsibilities with it,which include not blocking topics because you dis agree with them,or suspending people(if i remember correctly,up to 3 days).while mods are allowed(and should be encouraged to do so)to express their opinions or thoughts,they are not above the terms of service. i would reconsider your offer,as it isn't just one side who is causing conflict.
  2. i was going to stay out of this,but i can't.where the mods and admin are concerned,i can't make a comment about their current lack of participation other than to say that at one time,some of what i have read(from "both sides")would have gotten a topic locked long before now.all i can see happening is that some are going to get banned,and others are going to get bored,and the board is going to disappear(i don't see bro kevin paying for this,and murph i am guessing is busy,not wanting to deal with a bunch of bull). i hate to see what is happening here,but to be honest,don't have a solution.
  3. first,i think that by displaying a statue next to a nativity scene,on public property(something you left out)is not to ruin anything.if your going to allow one,your going to have to allow all.if it's on private property,put up whatever you like. as to your second statement,i heard something like it from a humanist group.i guess the laws of the land mean nothing.really don't agree with your conclusion.
  4. it is probably the closest you can get to taoism,without becoming a dude.
  5. your referring to rev wayne.he went by a different name for a while,and then disappeared.i do miss him. personally,i see no problem with jediism,or any of it's spinoffs.not sure i agree with some who have embraced"the dark side",whatever that means.come to think of it,we had a member who claimed to be a "sith overlord"or something of the sort.
  6. i disagree dan.any book can be used for personal insult,depending on whom is quoting from it.this could be the bible(or any book titled"bible"),or grims fairy's all about the person using it. rest assured i am not paranoid at all.just an observation.
  7. i would be inclined to believe rabbi o when it comes to hebrew.not everything translates into english as we understand it.and keep in mind the translator of the king james bible made a boatload of mistakes,and that is with what is included in the bible.
  8. there is a ulc uk site.problem was,the christians didn't want the pagans,among others,to be part of's still up and running.
  9. can't get it to not come up as the monestary,but there is a forum on the uk site.should be a link to it at the bottom of this one.
  10. welcome back.i hope things continue to improve for you.
  11. i have the feeling that we may not hear from hermano luis in this existence,which i am also having a very difficult time accepting.i would love to be proven wrong.
  12. she is also an admin,and a very nice person who can be very helpful.
  13. when i checked your profile,you were still listed as a member. it is strange someone hasn't gotten back with you about this.i realize most of the mods are at facebook,and one died.but i do know of one who usually investigates these type of occurrences and forwards them to the admin.
  14. if i remember the michigan statutes correctly,the only liability involved is on the person hiring the officant.they are responsible for paying the officiant. i don't remember any applications involved,but the prison chaplain had to ok the officiant. as far as anything being a permanent part of their record,there is a notation that so and so was married on such and such a the best of my knowledge,there is no copy of the marriage license kept in the files. but as rev cali said,each state has their own laws.texas is one of the easier states to officiate in,but i would echo his suggestion about contacting a lawyer.