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  1. not all wiccans agree on the meaning of"and it harm none" such,there would be infighting among those who disagree as there is in any other belief system.and there are those who do not wish to be identified as wiccan,pagan,ect. if you are looking for recognation like the more fundemental denomanations claim to have,you'll be spinning in circles trying to achive that,and in the process killing a movement that was based on getting away from those has been said,a national council for the purpose of information and learning is matter what type of wicca you choose to follow,there should be information available;and by someone who knows what their talking about. this is just my 2 cents worth from a non wiccan.
  2. while it is true that not all witchs are wiccans,it is also true that not all wiccans are witchs. dave suprises me in the fact that he says that athiests and wiccans have some things in common.i agree with him considering the different types of wicca that are out there.and i agree that it would not serve those who choose wicca as their path to have a dogma set up about it.better a national clearing house to help with correct information.
  3. while she is on a different part of her journey,may we never forget that thru her continued efforts,she allowed all of us to find our own path. rev mark lightfoot
  4. just a short note.while you and the one friend are ordained thru here,the other 2 are not,nor anywhere else,according to your post.not sure of the state laws where you live,but if your other 2 friends wish to pratice as a minister,you may want to check if the ceremony you guys had counts as an ordanation probably does,so you can form a church(according to your state laws).then all of you would be ordained thru said church. i may be jumping the gun here,and if i am sorry,but it sounds like a good start.while one doesn't have to be an ordained minister to have a ministry,it does give credibility if you are(so i learned).
  5. the last non specific buddhism book i read was the heart of the buddhas teaching by tich naht hahn.much of it can apply to any belief system.
  6. while i've answered this in other threads,i basically became ordained as a joke.however,once the alcohol cleared my system,i took a good look at what i had done.i found that if i choose to be responsible and study for the title of reverend,then i did deserve it. as a buddhist,i can be of service to many,or few as the sitution dictates,and am learning more each day.and being a minister does gelp in alot of situtions.
  7. when i worked for the state of michigan,there was a clause in our contract that stated religious exemptetion could be given for those who belonged to a group or faith that traditonally held objection to union membership.out of 25,000 employees represented,only 24 people ever asked for it.they happened to be amish.the union itself was and is a waste of time and money,but that is another story. frankly,what they are requireing is not out of line with most clauses of that type.unless they are willing to accept your reasons for not joining,i can see a fight and possible job loss.