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  1. thanks for all the replies, I copied that list from Hansard website
  2. Thanks for the reply, sorry I meant WE as in the UK members, what can we do to get the ULC recognised within the UK and get the same freedom as the ULC gets in America. The question is really aimed at everyone living within the United Kingdom thanks
  3. looking forward to the cricket

  4. Does anyone know how we can set up a petition to get the Unliversal Life Church recognised/Established in the United Kingdom? I've searched on the UK Parliments hansard website and I've found this, and this is the ONLY mention of the ULC anywhere within the Hansard website. The Places of Worship Registration Act 1855 (the Act) provides for places of meeting for religious worship, excluding those belonging to the Established Church, to be certified to the Registrar General. A number of tests are applied by the Registrar General when a place of meeting for religious worship is certified to him.
  5. QUESTION Please can you tell me if a minister who is ordained into the Universal Life Church can perform weddings in this county/country and what the requirements are before they can provide a wedding service? The person I'm asking about has all the credentials confirming their ordination. they have the title Right Reverend ANSWER This question has been put to me on several previous occasions and the answer is that in order to conduct a marriage ceremony with these credentials the individual will need to approach a non denominational registered building and apply to the trustees for permission