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  1. Is Storm's Shelter gone now?

  2. The forum in question shows 0 (zero) replies, but shows the number of views on the line below. example:- 0 replies 199 views (every time someone goes to a topic the view count increases by 1)
  3. go to my settings then on the left click on email and password.
  4. I have it in PDF format (124 Kb)( I have no intention of typing it all as a post) anyone wanting a copy, pm me, (include Your email address).
  5. and for me.
  6. My prayers and thoughts also. Stay safe, homes can be replaced.
  7. If not it will be changed to allow You that privelege.
  8. HERE is a good starting point. I do not beleive the 22 million.
  9. The plastic is to be removed before making the garden, Sorry I mwasnt clear on that.
  10. If You think this may be a problem line with several layers of newspaper first.It will break down into the garden. or if You really want to be sure cover with clear plastic, sealed down with soil or wood. it will kill everything with the heat. As for depth, it also depends on the root system of what You are growing. ie. if the roots are shallow less depth will be needed. Remember the material will break down and have less depth, unless You keep adding. http://www.edcrain.net/index6.html
  11. No Dig Garden First sketch a plan of your proposed garden,you will need at least three sections if possible. Make them approximately 4ft.wide. using timber,bricks, pavers or specially designed edging at least 8" high, make your borders(one at atime if you wish) fill with compost, straw,or stable manure(with straw etc.) And a good sprinkling of Lime and Blood and Bone,at least one week before planting. (stable manure mixed with wood shavings should be left for at least six weeks). You do not dig this(except to recover underground crops such as potatoes) just add more material after harvest is finished. Rotate crops to avoid build up of disease. Copyright © 2000 - 2012 All Rights Reserved Ed Crain. NOTE:- Kimmy will be posting more of these from my site with my permission.
  12. Already moved to HERE
  13. Too late for me it says I died 3 years ago.