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  1. Call me at 3:13 am with something like that, and you had better have made sure that your caller ID is blocked. I get even! MwuHaHaHa...
  2. I am, I am... I was just soliciting response, not chastizing. I honest would like to know what people think. And I honestly would like to know what file format is best. Formatted poetry is always a problem, as it simply doen't do well as a .TXT file. Leading spaces tend to be lost, and tabs tend to be the wrong sizes.
  3. A little feedback would be appreciated, either positive or negative. I posted these as PDF files to preserve my fonts and format. Would another file type be better for you? JPG? TIF? I would have posted them as DOC files, but then there would be a problem with the fonts. And if the fonts are changed, so is the appearance and, subtly, the formatting. I am open to suggestions.
  4. I have a small collection of poems suitable for Christmas cards, and jist plain "I Love You" cards. Since the season is approaching, and many of us make our own cards, I have a dozen here that I would like to share. You may copy them into your own cards if you like. Enjoy. Peace.
  5. A holiday for Mur-phi?!! I'd like to celebrate, but I just know something will go wrong...