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  1. Day one complete, no relapse...slips..whatever. Went and visited mom today. (Her birthday) after about 15 minutes, she says "okay, let's go smoke." I told her "I'll watch you smoke." She didn't know I was quittin Didn't really have the urge to smoke, then. Had some urges at home later, but I just stayed in the room and tried to relax. I noticed I was a little antsy last night. I got up more, walked around the ofice a bit more than usual, etc. I fidgeted a lot. But with the patch on, it's really not even so much the nicotine I'm gettin, it's more of a constant reminder of what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. So to that end, the patches are working. Altho they do..."sting" a little when I put it on. Reminds me of the line in Pulp Fiction. "You may feel a slight sting. That's pride ** with you."
  2. Had one last cigarette tonight. Threw the rest of the pack away. Smacked a patch on. Smacked another patch on when the first one didn't stick right Got my gum. Got my sunflower seeds. Got my powerade. Off I go!
  3. so I have 5 cigarettes left in my pack. I took my car today, and got it washed. I went to grab my ashtray as I got out. The man said "let me empty that for you." I said "throw it away." he was stunned. "throw it away??" "yup." car vaccummed, washed, wiped down. all smokin stuff out of the car. goin to bed shortly. when I get up, puttin on a patch. taking no smokes to work tonight.
  4. I'm not allowed to answer that due to security protocols. You know how it is. that's the awesomeness that is me. ain't scared. Chuck Norris is a wuss. Give me time and I'll think of a really witty name for it.
  5. So I finally got the patches in the email today. As mentioned, I've been slowly cutting down this week. I'm supposed to have a final "quit date" of Oct 13, but...I'm ready to try now. Saturday morning, I'm going to have my car washed, inside and out. Those who have quit know where I'm goin with this. I probably smoke the most in the car. Drivin to/from work, trips to the store, etc. So, I'm gonna wash the car, make it all pretty, and get non-smoking stickers. And cherry scent And when I wake up Sat to come to work, smack a patch on, I go. Expect multiple banishments over the next week as my attitude goes downhill and people tick me off! Also, have been walkin around the parking lot at work every night. Friends on facebook have been able to see my progress thru my android app (NOT an iphone, dammit!) that posts how far I've walked, how fast, calories burned, etc. Haven't had any soda for over a week now. Have been doin sports drinks (gatorade, powerade, etc.) And that's pretty much where I'm at.
  6. that's what I said. Instead of smoking, I'm takin power walks around the parking lot/building.
  7. actually, the more I focus on it, the more I'm gaining the confidence to do it. baby steps, of course, but, I think it's actually working. last night at work, I had fewer breaks, and my "lunch" break was mostly me walking, with one cigarette, instead of 2-3. I think the patches are going to help. and I'm actually starting to think that I might actually be able to do this...
  8. also walked approx 1.5 miles around the parking lot during lunch break. cutting 3 smoke lunch break down to one, and gettin some cardio in.
  9. Thank you, all. Day 3.ish. Still waiting on the nicotine patches in the mail. Maybe tomorrow or Monday. I noticed today I was focusing a bit more on quitting, and as such, curbed my smoking times. I even left the house today and intentionally left my smokes at home. The real chore is my breaks at work, I've noticed so far. I take my breaks at certain times, and of course, that's when I'm ready for a smoke. Will be working on breaking those habits, too.
  10. I guess I'm fortunate that my employer actually funds a program for quitting smoking. They've teamed up with the American Cancer Society for the "Quit for Life" program. Some insurances also cover it. Mine (Aetna) doesn't, but, since work pays for it, meh. ( I enrolled on the website last week, and they DID call later that day to finish the registration. I didn't call back until this morning. I'm ashamed to admit I was a little scared about it. (denial issue? maybe.) I'm personally a little leery about quitting smoking. I know it needs to be done, and I know that it's not healthy, it's better for me, and it's expensive. I know, intellectually, all of these things. The problem is, I've been smokin for goin on 20 years now, minus the 8 weeks I was in basic training. So! I called this morning and finished my enrollment. My employer is so nice, they even fund the quitting tools, which is 2 months worth of the nicotine patches, or gum. I chose patches, because right now, I want a visible reminder of what it is I'm doing. I figure with the patches on, my brain will actually recognize that I'm GETTING the nicotine that my brain thinks it wants. I guess once my brain is okay with that, and not having to have the actual cigarette in my hand, then I can get off the patches and be done. To be completely honest, I'm really not that confident of succeeding in quitting smoking. This will probably be one of the toughest things I have ever done. And since I been adminin you yahoos for 9 years, you know that's sayin a lot. One of the things that kinda hit me was when I was going thru the registration. The girl (sounded super cute..) asked me WHY I want to quit smoking. I thought about it...and my first answer was "my kids. I want to be around for them later in life." My son is 14. My daughter is 9. If I keep going down the road I'm on now...I'm 35. I wanna live for at least another couple of decades. I've kinda tried to start slowing down, in preparation for this. I probably won't focus on it that much until the patches show up, which will be Mon or Tues, I think. That suits me. We've set a quit date of Oct. 13. I'm not really concerned about hitting that date, so long as I DO stop. I really wouldn't mind some messages of encouragement now and then, if you're so inclined... I will, I think, keep this thread updated with progress, issues, whatever. Ignore it if you like, I don't care. It's more for my use than anything, I think, anyhow. Day 1, enrollment, waiting for patches/literature.
  11. Miss you, Freddie...
  12. Ol Murph once upon a time used to play cello. *nod*
  13. and if you're interested in selling them.... Use the Trading Post area.
  14. that was amazing. Next time I'll have to turn my speakers on when I watch it (I kid, they were amazing.........and the pipes were good, too)
  15. reeeeealy? wow. okay, I'll look into that.
  16. Murph's poll! Do you tip at buffets?

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    2. rdfoodog


      Yes for sure, aw Joyful noted above, I feel much the same. Waiters that sit, clean , direct you, serve you at a buffet tabe, buss workers, etc. all deserve pay for good service accordingly. A tip left on the table is not usually for one particular individuall but most establishment are known to pool all the tip and devide them equally for all staff, includeing dishwashers cooks etc. It ia only proper if one expects good food and service the by tipping insures that the standard of these establ...

    3. Bro. Hex

      Bro. Hex

      Always. and at least 10% (which is much less than in a restaurant where you get much more service).

    4. Hyper Real

      Hyper Real

      I do not eat much at buffets but when I do I leave a small tip.

  17. And welcome home, atlantis! All together, all shuttles flew 135 missions, 542 million miles, and made 21,150 orbits around the Earth. well done!

  18. I suggest looking up "do you wanna date my avatar" by the cast of "The Guild" on youtube.
  19. the impossible has occurred. I'm actually considerin buyin an LVMPD detective a beer.

  20. okay. google+ invite, please.

  21. it would all depend on where the ceremony is to take place. In this incident, where the ceremony is to be performed in France, you'd have to check with the authorities there. That said, there's not been much luck in getting your ULC credentials recognized outside of the US. It doesn't hurt to try, tho, and you could be the first!
  22. I think I'd go to the town/county clerk and ask to see the statute/code for the exclusion of ULC ministers. If they are just arbitrarily making the decision on their own, then they are in the wrong. They've probably not had anyone challenge it to get it fixed. I would suspect, tho, that with the new changes in law up there, there's gonna be an influx of people asking about it... I would also forward emails of your contacts with the town to Andre at Headquarters.
  23. I'm very pleased for New York. I can't help but wonder why 5 of the 6 states that have legalized same sex marriage are all on the East coast? (Iowa bein number 6)

    1. BrDevon


      And why is Rhode Island so full of bigots on the hill that they won't legalize?

  24. Okay. That was masterful.