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  1. Hey, I just tried sending a message to Brother Kevin, to see if he can tell us anything. If I hear back, I will let you know. Strange....
  2. Still here. Kinda saddened by what's happened with things, though.
  3. Thank you, Raincloud! I know..."personal revelation" or whatever label you want to put on it isn't something that's all that...acceptable...for some. Glad to hear from you!
  4. Hi, Amulet! 1. Not reeeeallly...I was a Witch long before I was ordained. If the term "minister" is being used in the sense of service, I am always ready to serve, and always have been, since childhood. It's an "I am" vs. "I do" thing. This is why I chose Hearthwitch for a title. 2. Yes. I do Witchy things pretty much constantly. Discreetly, of course, b/c I am solidly in LDS Country, over here. (Although they have witchcraft of their own, whether they realize it or not.) 3. No. And yes. I do use a variant of it, when giving advice- the one that's most commonly known here is "CTR", or "choose the right", thanks to (again) the Mormons- most of the religions around here have some approximation of the same. I do like the ULC's version for use with my kids, though. (It's funny, when you think about it- you can make that suggestion to kids, but when speaking with adults, they take it as an admonishment or criticism if you remind them that they "should" make choices based on what is "right", LOL!) Also, most of the time, when people come to me for assistance, they already know what direction they're going to take, and they already know whether it's wrong (by whatever belief system they have) or not...often, people want someone to just agree that their chosen course of action is the "right" one.
  5. My favorite for that is the old Scandinavian triple-refusal. Host/hostess offers you food. You have to decline 3 times, THEN accept. You will never get a cookie that way, here.
  6. "Why do we not incorporate that as part of everyone's formal education? How do parents better their own skills in order to teach their children? How DO they teach such things to kids?" Some of us do, and are. My youngest is currently in a charter school where this is emphasized (which is good, because Thing Two is dense, when it comes to social cues, and has demonstrated an aptitude for pugilism unseen in our family since his great-grandfather's lifetime). In theory, this is also being taught in our public middle school, too, but I don't credit Thing One's social skills to their teachings. As a parent, I can tell you that the best way to teach 'em is to make every mistake a teachable moment- interrupt (intervene), make 'em stop and think it through, and then allow 'em to proceed with reaction/action of their own. Same goes for manners in general. If you want your children to NOT be "those kids" at the restaurant, you start taking them out when they're really little, and you demonstrate how they need to behave. They fail to do that, you take them out. Repeat until the lesson takes. It doesn't take long. They want to succeed. It's not that difficult- it just takes some attention and awareness. You just have to be invested in making sure that they're going to grow up to be...well, adults.
  7. Absolutely! Having babies is a little bit like taking LSD, only the effects are much longer-lasting. Thank you for may not be a perfect understanding, but it's good enough! Nice to meet you, Kokigami.
  8. Thanks! And you may be right about it being an individual thing- I don't know everything! LOL I think that possibly because there are physical changes that go along with this, for women, that it may not affect most men in the same way, either.
  9. I would normally agree with you, but not on this one. I'll be honest, Cuchulain- it really is different, for me at least. I had the strength of a number of convictions, some of which I have since done a complete 180 on, before having kids. I was far less concerned with the world at large, and definitely with people in general...very different worldview altogether. I was pretty nihilistic, and had a pretty negative view of the world. Pregnancy, birth, and parenthood changed me emotionally, mentally, and physically. (It did not turn me into a Republican, though, as someone told me it would! LOL) All joking aside, though, this is one where I'm afraid I have to disagree with you.
  10. Yes, I understand all of those things. I would still make the same decision, based on my knowledge at the time. It would break my heart, but it's what would have to be done. I don't see my non-human family members as being all that different from my human ones, tbh,'s not a matter of that. The strong emotional attachments run deep for all of my family. So, that being said, be aware that this means that I would be asking questions, checking with veterinarians and/or human doctors, and discussing it with a goodly number of people who are in a position to know what's possible and what's not. Based on the best information available, I would do what was necessary to protect people. I would report the case to the County Health Department, because it's a public concern. (Rabies is a problem here, especially this time of the year; someone's cat just dragged in a bat that tested positive, so we're on alert. We also get bubonic plague here.) This would be a concern to far more than just my family. I should think that that's the best use of critical thinking skills, and the best possible decision, given the facts at the time. You can't unkill a dog, it's true. But you can't disengage from greater society, with something like this. It would still be horribly irresponsible not to act on what you have to work with. Even if it breaks a piece of your soul off. (I am NOT going to argue about souls, LOL!) I don't see it as an accusation. We're good, Mererdog!