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  1. About thoughts: Thoughts having traits of content, focus and direction, creating changes in our body chemistry and neural connections inside the very mind that thought this. This has excited me and given me the opportunity to meditate with Spirit in mind, using though for focusing, directing and creating a neural connection, while in conscious awareness. It was through meditation that I was able to perceive I achieved such a thing. No fancy ritual, no arduous tasks to get Spirit to connect was needed. Instead, it as a slow flowing process that crept up and suddenly I was aware that I was there. We are infinite beings with infinite knowledge stuffed inside of us. We were created by a mere thought that Spirit had. And look at where we are now? Yea, I know, it's not all marshmallows and cotton candy, but we are here and every day we have a choice to make that change. The idea is to make the change within us. We are connected universally. When one does it, then another, then another, things happen. We have endless possibilities because Spirit is an endless possibility, therefore created by this endless possibility allows us to be children of... The infinite love and compassion Spirit has for us, no matter what, and I mean, no matter what, throws away all fear based, human errors and EGO we have been shown to fear and cower to. We are evolving yet still during this meat suit pilgrimage. It is here where we find Spirit; inside of all of us. With his mere thought, he made us come into being via energy. We were manifested out of love. What a beautiful mathematical and scientific equation we are all working in; LOVE! What could be better than that?
  2. Happy Birthday to everyone in August! We are all truly blessed to have you in our present world. Rev. Mary
  3. I would like to take this time and thank Spirit for dodging Florida away from Florida. We are truly blessed. Rev. Mary
  4. It is with great dignity, truth and integrity that I offer prayer daily at 12:30pmEST. Spirit knows who is able to receive such a beautiful petition and therefore, since it is the least I could do, long distance, I am more than humbled to offer this to all in this universe and outside as well. Mid-Day prayers for focus, truth and integrity; in beauty and grace. Rev. Mary
  5. Blessings, I will be channeling through the Universal Life Force Energy to everyone who needs it. This is a long distance technique as infinitely we are able to do this with the help and guidance of Spirit. No need to comment as Reiki goes where it is needed. Be open to receive this day and Spirit will be there. Rev. Mary