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  1. Beyond grateful to receive my certificate for Dr. of Spiritual Development. Thank you for your promptness. Can't wait to take another course. Signing up next week. Thank you. Rev. Mary Nunez
  2. Anyone desiring long distance Reiki healing, please just open up for it. No need to comment as Reiki will flow where it is needed. Tonight at about 8pm EST, I will channel the Universal Life Force energy to those who need it. Think of where in your life it is needed as well, as Reiki will flow to circumstances as well as any timeline, past, present and future. Engaging with your Higher Self as well as calling in your SPS (spiritual protective service) will also be helpful. "Follow the path of least resistance, the less you resist, the easier the flow". ~ Moira's
  3. Thank you to all who decided to be part of my journey through this course and in my life. I have submitted my final essay tonight. I am happy. Sending all the love in the world to all. Rev. Maria Nunez Moira's Light
  4. This is a chapter dear to my heart, to be honest. I am currently in the Universal Healing Shaman path with Don Oscar Miro-Quesada. I have been following the Munay Ki Shamanic process and I must say that what this author, Dr. Dave Crouch speaks about is real and we have a lot to learn from our ancestors. We all have an inner shaman. If we go back to our lineage, we will eventually find there was a shaman in our DNA, somewhere, sometime. Just when I thought I new it all, I began my shaman path and found myself knowing nothing and starting from scratch, even bringing myself back to m
  5. Great thought Dan 56. However, I find that the passages in the "How To Manual" called the "Bible" talks about the narrow and wide path we can choose to take. Either one will eventually take you to the same place, although the wider one will probably take you a bit longer to get to your destination. At least, you know you will get there, right? When we look at one of the most wonderful gifts we have been provided by Spirit, in one of his infinite ways, I believe that the wide path makes room for all that luggage. It is much less comfortable moving through your existence that way and you waste
  6. Oh I love this lesson! I just went through "the talk about joy and grace" with my daughter. There are simply no coincidences. I believe there is no difference in self acceptance and personal growth, to be honest. If we keep thinking that we live in a linear timeline and not accept that only the meat suit lives that way, then it will be very hard to accept MANY things. Our meat suits (bodies) live in linear time. We, the spiritual coherent, infinite and luminous beings are on a constant energy flow. The body dies, but that is it. The fact is, we have no limits, only th
  7. I loved this lesson. Not everyone is ready or willing to gauge their own level of responsibility and then act upon it to improve it. And yes, clarity is not just provided out of thin air. Our guides are not holding it in a box and when we are ready, it gets deposited into our meat suits. That is not the way it works. And yes, there is no such thing as luck. First things first though. I have found that we do have to understand that we need to give ourselves permission for certain things. One of them is to "believe" in anything and everything that is not touchable. How so? Well, we
  8. Oh this lesson hit so close to home. While we are taught to deal with our pasts to find peace, we easily forget to live in the now. Not everything in our past was meant to work through. Heck, you can pick and choose and let the issues you didnt work through come back to you on another lifetime. What matters is that you find peace and joy in the present. By bringing your past into your present, you displace the now to make room for the past. Here comes your hamsterwheel journey. You will find that you are never getting out of that wheel. The future cannot
  9. I have read lesson 19 and I understand the teacher's intention here. What I have gathered, during the different experiences that the writer has gone through is the need to teach our young about dying at an age where they can understand basic philosophies and basic human needs. Conditioning plays a big role with how we perceive death, our life purpose etc. For example, if we are taught from the beginning of reasoning, that we are all sinner and we are not worthy of anything and we are always begging for forgiveness, even though we truly don't know what we are doing, ho