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  • Birthday 05/15/1971

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    Married to my best friend
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    Cooking, reading, camping, crafts of many kinds, nature
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    5 cats, a dog, multiple fish, a hamster...we have a zoo!
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    My family, friends, and everything! :)
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    Niceness counts. ;)
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    Eclectic hearthwitch; Pagan / Heathen / Shinto

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    Warranty administrator for a heavy equipment company.
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I am a practicing Eclectic Pagan, and the first Ordained Hearthwitch of the Universal Life Church. I’m also a certified natural henna artist, former chef, and a maker of jewelry and divination tools. I have been a witch for my entire life, despite having been raised (loosely) as a Protestant Christian- it just wouldn’t stick. ;) I seem to be adopted by different Beings, from time to time, and have run into some perplexing things, a few scary things, and a lot of wonderful, magickal things! I hope that you’ll enjoy this journey with me.