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  1. First, it wasn't documented in history. It may have been documented in your religious book, but your religious book is not a history book, nor were it's writers historians. They were pushing a specific belief system, and so cannot be considered in any way unbiased. To be a history book, you need to know who the actual authors were and be able to vet their credentials and biases. Since a lot of the bible is anonymous, that negates the historical aspect. And you cannot prove that it was written by eye witnesses, as claimed in the article. Point two, is also entirely reliant on biblical
  2. Similarly people use metaphysical hypotheses on physical properties with less success but insist it does work.
  3. What is, is. Not having answers doesnt mean we should abandon reasonable searches for them in favor of popular mythology.
  4. Here's a thought. Most religions are praying for the virus to end. Pagans are praying for the pollution levels to drop. Which seems to be happening? By religious logic it should be evidence.
  5. I dont think i'll mind hell so much. I mean, all the best people are going, right? And the parties have to be better. I'm certain at least the music is better...
  6. It's not hard at all for me to leave the phone at home. I am barely proficient enough to call or text, the other fancy stuff is just flat out. But I have always been a low tech person.
  7. Myself, I guess I just don't see enough people in the middle 😀
  8. It doesn't make sense. But then, the government has a hard time delivering the mail properly, so it's also not terribly surprising either.
  9. Pete said it's baffling how some people don't see another view as valid, paraphrased. It's equally baffling to me that the trend these days is to accept every view as valid. It's a lot like overcompensation I think. There should be a middle. Open minded but not too much so that the brain just falls out.
  10. So that is where Dan went. Must have been the wrong brand after all.
  11. If everything you know is wrong, but you know it...then you are wrong about it all being wrong. But then, if it's not all wrong because you know its wrong, your right about it all being wrong...but...but...
  12. A person who cannot bear the perceived insults of other and cannot follow their own advice has a lot to be thankful for. The obstacles encountered daily by such a person can only make them stronger, surely.
  13. People are stupid. They will believe any nonsense if they want to or have sufficient reason to fear it's true. The reason is because they are experts who's heads are full of information and tidbits, most of which is untrue. They think this qualifies them, giving special insight into the world. In reality it blinds them and makes them stupid.
  14. Myth and religion, being synonomous to me, can be learned from. But too many fall into the trap of believing it literally and conflating these myths with reality. So you have the people who cannot recognize the difference in knowledge vs belief in myth.
  15. Knowledge is we are corrupting people by teaching them, yes?
  16. I'm always baffled by those who insist there particular brand has "ancient origins" as if age begets legitimacy. An idea 10000 years old was once brand new. It doesn't become more true with time.
  17. Giving a lot with this, hypothetically if the punishment were is still morally wrong. It is imposed by a fallible and often corrupt system, regardless of where you live. If it is possible that the convicted did NOT commit the crime, then to apply death to the individual is reprehensible. I view the punishment of death as unjust because the act of killing, even lawfully, has the potential to damage the do-er, and the families and lives that interact all around. And no, dan. Being anti death pen doesnt equal being anti punishment. There really are other punishments.
  18. By this standard we should uphold ALL the old law. Add in that he who has sinned in his heart bit, and we all get the death penalty for our thoughts. Way to go, thought police...if there were anyone left to enforce it. Or were you cherry picking again?
  19. You cant produce the originals, either. Yep, seems very stupid to trust someone elses interpretation of original documents that cant be seen...or cant even verify who wrote it, except to take their word for it...exactly what you do with the bible dan.
  20. Hey Dan. I found these magic silver tablets in the woods the other day and they said that Christianity is full of it. They explained exactly how your wrong and I am right. They prove it. They also said that I can't show anyone because you have to take it on faith, but they exist. Trust me. Now, since you can't disprove it, I demand you believe. See how stupid that sounds?
  21. Obviously the complete lack of evidence or proof that god his himself perfectly and so must exist exactly like Dan thinks 😂
  22. Environmental or hereditary is the argument at hand. If Adam was a creature of environment and God designed the environment and is perfect in knowledge, he would have been able to know beforehand what Adam would do. If it's hereditary, and God designed his genes, he would have been able to know what Adam was going to do. It's like laying down a piece of your kids favorite candy on the table, telling them not to eat it, and leaving them in the room with it and their other parent who tells them it's ok. Worse, you knew that the other parent would and didn't warn the kids not to liste
  23. If I, knowing the consequences, choose to point a gun at someone and shoot, and they die... I am responsible. Especially if I designed the gun, bullet, and manufactured the circumstances so the person would be in front of me, and designed the laws of physics and the person's anatomy and assured what would happen. But you seem to say the bullet is responsible.
  24. You see logic in this but these are examples of why we don't believe. God is supposed to answer prayers, and if he is perfect so to would his works be. Yet it isn't, as you pointed out.
  25. Yet more scientific illiteracy Dan. Theory is scientific fact. Like the theory of gravity... just realized the pointlessness of this.