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  1. A perfectly good being won't care that I don't believe in him, but will judge mercifully anyway and not be swayed by ego, so nothing changes if I don't believe.
  2. My philosophy teacher Mr. Kovelewski in college in 1998 made the contradictory argument to us, the first day of class. He was a Russian Catholic till he switched to atheism. One student tried to argue the Christian perspective and failed. It reminds me a lot of the movie God's not dead, except without the obvious bias. That student didn't come back. I have heard that none are so blind as those who won't see.
  3. You make many assumptions about us. I am not Christian. Seems kinda obvious, but I thought I would clarify. I say I don't believe you. That's not cyberbullying. It's a statement in rebuttal to what you said. This is my last post to you. Not because you are clever or superior as you try to pretend, but because you have no proof or valid point. Good luck with your search for the Antichrist and all that.
  4. You are clearly a charlatan at best. I think the military wouldn't have you. I think you have made this all up to be better than reality, but it's all false. Prove it with the verse otherwise.
  5. My city? Where do you think I live? If angel can't even get that right, you have no chance...
  6. You should understand that not being able to explain a thing does NOT mean God must exist, only that there is a lack of knowledge somewhere.
  7. You have not offered proof. You repeatedly say you have, but you are lying. Where's that verse? As to your military claims, I remain skeptical of the claims you make because I have caught you trying to build yourself up and not able to follow through. Where I was is irrelevant to the truthfulness or falseness of your grand claims.
  8. Here is where you offered proof. I don't think you know what proof is. It's something demonstrable and repeatable. Still no Bible verse? It's alright. We all know the truth...😂
  9. I have a life to attend to and proving you to be a fraud has been great fun and all, but I need to go. Post that verse and I will recant and proclaim you were right. Till then know that I and many others know you are a fraud.
  10. And let's be honest... you offered proof then failed to deliver.
  11. Bible verse is all the proof I need and you CAN'T haha
  12. No... you don't have a clue about what is going on in this moment. Produce proof otherwise.
  13. No proof...all it takes to shut me down and convert me, to save my everlasting soul... and you won't? So, you are not capable or not doing all you could while accusing me of the same . Yep. Everyone look. This guy admits or as much as admits he is a fraud. To disprove me all he needs is one Bible verse and won't produce when he said he would.
  14. A Bible verse is simplicity itself... just tell me what it was and prove me wrong and you Can't? Too sad...
  15. But still no proof... which by the way you claimed you were offering, until asked directly for what you said you would give. No proof still? Monkey tricks should be simply completed, but you can't. Because you are either at best delusional or at worst dishonest.
  16. Not entertainment, but a real assertion of proof that would lead to my understanding your truth. But you do as predicted. Dance and condemn me for asking for proof.
  17. And still you will not use your power to convert me to the truth in the fastest way...or rather you can't. Because you don't have a power to do so, and are either delusional or dishonest.
  18. I don't ignore the world. What a negative assumption to make of someone you don't know.
  19. What is an "unjust emotional connection"?
  20. Super claims with zero proof. Oh, you're great at claiming things are proof. But a claim is not proof of anything beyond imagination. So a demonstration. If you have the ability to speak to angels, or anything super, ask it what Bible verse I wrote down on the piece of paper I put in my drawer. I guarantee there is one...and that you will not be able to get it right, and you will start to talk about the ambiguous nature of the myth, that it doesn't work that way, or some other nonsense. But really it's a simple thing to prove the angel exists and if they really want us to believe they will tell you what I wrote. I'm waiting...
  21. Nice straw man. I was speaking specifically of the council that put the Bible together but you want to say that I was speaking of early Christian's...yet more deceptive practice to defend your truth.
  22. They were NOT persecuted. The council that formed your Bible did a lot of persecuting. It's history, look it up. Talk about deceptive practice to defend the truth...
  23. I have a friend at work who hurt his back. For those who suffer that, the design flaws are obvious.
  24. Here's a thought. Dan has said he doesn't believe in miracles after christ. That being the case, surely it must be acknowledged that compiling a set of stories correctly at every turn, that cutting away some, and that combining them in a way that no meaning is lost or gained would require a miracle, especially considering all the inconsistencies remaining.... I agree with dan. There have been no miracles since christ. I add, of course...there haven't been any. A group of people with agendas meets. They compile their mythology into a codified 'perfect' book, and DON'T backstab, betray, or propogate their own ideas? Hogwash. Yet this 'incorrupted' book, which has been changed despite the recitation of the lie to the contrary, is the basis of all christian belief? Is the only 'proof'? I wont bother rehashing the forgeries of tacitus except to say if its true it shouldnt need deception to defend it.
  25. Most religious nonsense fills the knowledge gap. But as we learn more, the religious nonsense fills less and less, shrinking deities are not that impressive.