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  1. Yes. But I am stating this as my belief and not presenting it as fact. I don't feel that everyone needs to believe the same things I do. My beliefs are only what makes sense to me, and I fully understand they may not make sense to others. Thinking of the three blind men describing the elephant, we may not all perceive things in the same way
  2. I have fallen for things. But I find that they were a part of the learning process and do not regret them. I attempt to learn from my mistakes and without them I would not be the person I am now. With age I have become more cynical and less gullible, but I still like to leave room for the hope of new things being valid Valete, Aeternus
  3. Thank you for the welcomes; I am pleased to meet you all. And thank you for your comments. I enjoy sharing ideas with others and hearing others' perspectives. Sometimes we miss out on learning things because we fail to hear all points of view. Also, it seems like many times that I learn more from those with whom I disagree Valete, Magister Aeternus
  4. I agree. There are things I believe to be true or feel are true but cannot be verified. I freely admit I may be incorrect about some things, yet I believe them because I choose to do so. I acknowledge these things are a personal choice and do not present them to others as an indisputable fact
  5. Hello Brother Kaman, I previously completed the Ninth Degree with an AMORC offshoot (CR+C), but I became a member of AMORC last summer. I am still currently active. My belief is similar to yours Hi Jonathan, I also do not believe in Heaven or Hell as commonly portrayed, but I do believe in other planes of existence. "Maybe" is a good starting point. I never attempt to force beliefs on others, including myself. If I am not comfortable with a particular teaching, I set it aside, and perhaps revisit it later when I have more information or more experience with it instead of accepting it blindly
  6. Hi mark 45, There are many esoteric subjects that I believe to be true, but I am unable to prove, at least to the satisfaction of others Hi Jonathan, Thanks for the welcome
  7. Hello All, I wished to discuss the concept of the Higher Self, Holy Guardian Angel, Inner Master, Buddha nature, indwelling Christ, etc. Many belief systems have a concept that we are more than just our physical selves and that within each of us (or otherwise linked to us) is a divine nature or essence that we can access for guidance and support. My Latin name is a play on this belief. Rosicrucians seek "self-mastery" where they try to act in accordance with their higher nature. My name means "eternal master" and refers to the master within me, the divine essence present within us all, which I believe sustains us and interconnects us. This is the part of us that survives death and continues on to the next life or lives, depending on your beliefs. I am just curious to see what others might think of such things. Valete, Magister Aeternus