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  1. Alright. If it's easy to prove an untruth...prove to me that there aren't little green men on the moon who are really good at hiding.
  2. Revelation would be a miracle. This is after the time of Christ. You have previously said there have been no miracles after the time of Christ. Also wouldn't the compilation of the modern Bible be a revelation as well? Well after the time of Christ?
  3. No. I simply have a higher standard for proof than 'it was written down long ago after the facr as prophecy, so it must have been true'.
  4. have the originals of the gospels available as proof of when they were written? Astonishing. See, i know you think they were written in contemporary timing to christ. But you take that on faith and dress it as fact. You can argue as you wish about the gospels, but there isnt evidence that they were written by who they claim, let alone when. So no, you dont have multiple witnesses.
  5. How many people reported it? What is your source? When were these reports written? That about caesar is diversionary. I dont believe you can prove the sources youve stated exist and are authentic.
  6. So then some guys wrote down that particular piece as a fulfillment of prophecy that they had previously studied? Yeah that's called confirmation bias. They wrote in support of a specific agenda. But if you have evidence of someone without any agenda confirming this as history then we'll talk.
  7. I've noticed when you cite prophecy you never quote word for word. Is that because it's so easy to see it's not as specific as you seem to believe?
  8. I wasn't specifically saying religious people. I meant people in general are stupid. Obviously there are exceptions, but few and far between. Creating something of worth doesn't negate a persons stupidity. People will believe all sorts of nonsense even and maybe especially if they have an education. I'm not exempt from this either. I've discovered there are things I "know" that are false after all. So what do I know that is false that I have not discovered?
  9. People are stupid. Their heads are full of tidbits facts and truths most of which are false, but they want to believe for whatever reason so they will use confirmation bias to sort through the supposed evidence and continue to hold false beliefs. Nobody is immune and all you can do is try to observe it in yourself and correct it as you go.
  10. Ah yes. Now since you have no actual facts to back up your point of view there must be a deficiency in us making it so we won't believe your obvious evidence. It's everyone else isn't it dan
  11. The analogy holds. Because if God created everything he also created this spiritual factor you speak of and it operates on rules he created and he knows how you will choose in advance. Liking or not liking a choice you don't have is irrelevant to freewill.
  12. It is with God. Choice is determined by environmental factors and biology. God created all the factors involved and set up how they work. It's more like playing a game of cards where he designed the rules the cards and determined who gets what cards in advance. There is no chance involved. So there can only be very specific responses.
  13. This is where you said God can change what may have been. Remember now? It allows you to change the rules to suit your view.
  14. So history literally changes to suit your beliefs...not egocentric at all. Good luck with that b.s.
  15. If it was freewill they are guilty. But human decision is based entirely on factors that are allegedly in control of a deity. Thus the cards can only read what he printed on them.
  16. No. But the baker, the cobbler, the writers and musicians and multitudes who had nothing to do with anything weren't Nazis. In your view it's all in or none.
  17. So the Bible has contradicted itself. The greatest is love. But the greatest is faith. Can't be both. Which is it, when the book says one thing in one place and another in a different place?
  18. He spins the greatest of these is love to faith, even though its word for word literally wrong...AND DEFENDS IT.
  19. The greatest of these is love. You figured out how to change it and you don't get that your simply justifying the way you want it to be instead of trying to live by the actual word for word message. Yes you have your own brand of Christianity and it doesn't make sense.
  20. Spinned it so faith is more important even though your book literally says love trumps faith.
  21. Treating every one equally implies a love for others to me. Treating them differently or discriminating because of faith puts faith higher than love.
  22. Wasn't there something in there saying of faith hope and love the greatest is love? Guess you pick a different order
  23. You have stated previously that in god we trust supports the majority view so should be accepted by atheists. Also, you recently said christians should be allowed to discriminate despite the majority view. Yes you. Contradicting a previous statement of belief. Because you lack consistency and integrity .
  24. The simple remedy usually is a dictionary, you are right. Yet, every time you argue something and decide the meaning of a word is different than everyone else, you refuse to acknowledge the dictionary definitions yourself Dan. Do you know what that means, in dictionary terms? Either double standard, or hypocrite. Take your choice. Double standard: A set of principles that apply differently to one group than to another. Hypocrite: a person who acts in contradiction to stated beliefs. I pick option two, for have stated a belief, yet act in contradic